The Submission Room’s 6th Live Wrestling Event MARCH 18TH 2017

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November 12, 2016
The Submission Room Live Summer Wrestling Event JUNE 17th 2017
May 25, 2017
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The Submission Room’s 6th Live Wrestling Event MARCH 18TH 2017

The Submission Room’s 6th Live Wrestling Event MARCH 18TH 2017

It’s been nearly two years since the very first Submission Room Live Wrestling Event, back in June 2017. And we really have had some exceptional matches and all round good fun at the past 5 events. Therefore this one will be no different, in fact, maybe even better, some may argue.

The Important Details

  • To book your place email me at or just turn up (but I prefer to have a rough idea of who is coming in advance)
  • It’s £50 in advance (payable via paypal or bank transfer) or £60 on the day.
  • The event will start at 1pm so please arrive by 12.50pm if you can.
  • It will finish around 3.30pm
  • Afterwards there will be paid mixed mini matches with the wrestlers, if you fancy having a go (£20 for 10 minutes and £5 for 5 minutes) so bring suitable clothes.
  • ADDRESS: New River Studios, 199 Eade Road N4 1DN (nearest station: Manor House)
  • When you arrive, do not enter New River Studios (unless you want to go a drink from the bar), instead walk down the side of the building to the right and walk to the bottom of the hill and then call me.
  • We are in the same studio space as The Submission Room Spring Event APRIL 23RD 1pm 2016


The Wrestlers

The full line up has now been announced and here it is: Tess MissFit, Morgana, Pussy Willow, Miss Kay O, Sativa and Amethyst Hammerfist.

Tess MissFit

Originally from Allentown in Pennsylvania, Tess spent 21 years training in a diverse range of dance, including contemporary, post modern, african, hip-hop, jazz and ballet. Tess has also been a pole dancing performer for six years and aerialist for three years. She may describe herself as Tess Missfit, but with these sort of credentials, this lovely lady will fit right in with The Submission Room team.

Tess now lives in New York and as you can tell from her impressive photos competes in body building competitions.

We are very excited to have Tess as guest wrestler joining us for our Spring Live Wrestling Event on March 18th 2017. Tess Stumpf will also be available for wrestling sessions on March 17th and March 19th (the day before and the day after the event. More info and to book a session with her.






Morgana is certainly is not lacking in fans, even though she’s had a bit of a break from the session wrestling scene for the last couple of years. She has recently decided to return and start offering wrestling sessions again and I’m so happy she’s making a big come back for this event. She has been greatly missed and there is already a queue forming to take her on.

For the last couple of years Morgana has been keeping very fit and in excellent shape, with her regular training regime. If you don’t believe me, then you had better book your place at this event and come and see for yourself!




Pussy Willow


It’s super exciting to see the return of the amazing Pussy Willow to another Submission Room live event. Pussy Willow attended the very first ever event, when she had only just started wrestling. Well, it’s a different story now. After two years of experience and training and competing in various events, Pussy Willow is one to watch out for.

She has huge, deadly thighs and is strong and skilled. There has also been some on going drama between her and Miss Kay O, so it will be seriously exciting to see what will happen at this event. Will they take each other on? Will it finally resolve their issues once and for all 😉 ?





Miss Kay O

This will be Miss Kay O’s second Submission Room Live Event. She took on Inferno and Amethyst last time (in the same room that we will be in this time actually!) and if you’ve watched any of Miss Kay O’s matches you’ll see she is damn tough and very hard to submit. Check out her previous matches here on our Clips4Sale site Miss Kay O V Amethyst and also Miss Kay V Inferno

Miss Kay O is a popular choice of opponent at The Submission Room and trains hard in mixes martial arts and specialises in beatdowns, as well as semi competitive and face sitting sessions. Come and support Miss Kay O on March 18th.






Sativa is awesome. As well as being a black belt in karate, drop dead gorgeous and a highly skilled wrestler, she’s also a really lovely person. If you haven’t already met her, then come and say hello to her on March the 18th, and grab yourself a mini wrestle with her too, if you like!

Sativa took part in the last live event around Christmas last year and we were all so impressed we simply had to have her back straight away. She has also been busy filming with us at The Submission Room. Her karate, martial arts, high kick videos are proving to be extremely popular. Her latest video F 165 – Sativa and the thief has been the highest selling video on The Submission Clips4sale store for a while now. Go Sativa!

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