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Laken Reviews

Laken Review 1

I arrived to be greeted with a smile by the lovely Laken, who is absolutely stunningly beautiful in person as well as being quite lovely to talk to. After a brief chat I got changed and went to the mat room to begin our session, which was going to be half an hour of competitive wrestling, and if I lost would conclude with half an hour of being Laken’s plaything.

The first thing that struck me upon beginning our wrestling session is that Laken is extremely strong, deceptively so in fact! Secondly, she defends very well and I found it very difficult to get position on her and to get into any situation where I could get a submission. Over the course of a hard fought half hour I tapped out to her superior strength and technique 5 times while only achieving one submission for myself, with Laken getting submissions via armbar, guillotine chokes and an excellently executed neck crank.

As the half way mark in the session came, I had to concede that she was much much better than me and as a consequence of my loss she would get to use me as crash test dummy for her favourite holds. As well as being made to worship her feet I was put in several of her favourite scissor and smother holds and squeezed to within an inch of my life. As she had not managed to get me in one of her scissors during our competitive match, I was obliged to feel the full power of her headscissors. I couldn’t have imagined that she would be SO strong, and I can vouch that If one gets one’s head caught between her lethal legs its time to tap or go out!

Overall Laken is a very impressive, beautiful lady with a shining personality who can also really kick ass! I would definitely recommend a session with her.

Laken Review 2

Earlier this week I had the privilege of wrestling Laken, who is easily one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever laid my eyes upon.

We had a brief chat before the session to discuss what I expect from the session, Shes very friendly and welcoming before the session and has a great sense of humor to boot.

We started the session with arm wrestling, I barely managed to get a victory with my right arm due to that being the weaker arm, but she easily defeated me with her left.

She was not at all pleased to have lost even on her weaker arm, she completely overpowered me in our wrestle, she instantly made me regret my win over her as she punished me with her powerful toned legs. I was at her complete mercy for the duration of the session, she enjoyed making me scream and yelp from between her legs, she wanted to ensure I knew how weak I was compared to her.

That was the best Wrestling session I had ever had, what separates Laken from other wrestlers is the the amount of trash talk she dishes out during the session, she makes you truly feel powerless and I Love that about her.

Laken Review 3

Laken is much sexier in person than in her photos on the site as well as very friendly and welcoming, she welcomed me with a hug and asked if I had any special holds and what we were going for like chokes, submissions and pins, she also wore appropriate clothes that I asked for. She was a great person and I hope to meet her again, I did apologise in advance if I touched her inappropriately specifically accidentally touching her breasts and she said not to worry about it so yes I had a great session with a great person.

Laken is much stronger than she looks and it was a hard match and I have the bruises to prove it, she does a very good job of not letting you get behind her and keeping you between her strong legs making it impossible to get her in any submission holds or to be able to pin her but she gives you a great session, when she squeezes you with her legs it’s unbelievable how strong they are and how much pressure she can apply.

I also had the pleasure of meeting Mystique who filmed the session, she was also friendly.

I know I paid to meet them but they treated me like they really wanted me there and it felt genuine and not just because I paid.

I do hope to have another session sometime but don’t know when yet.

Laken Review 4

I never usually leave reviews but i think i really need to today. I met the beautiful Laken Fire today and i had the best time with her! Fire by name, Fire by nature! She is as gorgeous in the flesh as she is on her pictures online. This was my first time doing something like this and i was nervous. But Laken put my nerves straight out of the window. She is very nice and very chatty but don’t let this distract you as once your on the mats she is strong, quick and powerful and she showed me a number of choke holds and some hot positions during our session together. She took my breath away (literally). On arrival she offered me a drink and we had a nice chat, she’s very funny and then we began our one hour session which we both enjoyed. And once the session finished, she offered me a shower and we had another general chat and said our goodbyes. I couldn’t recommend her enough! Laken was amazing! Perfect! I would 100% see her again to get my ass kicked.

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