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Xena Reviews


Xena Review 1

I met the wonderful Xena for 2 fantastic wrestling sessions in April. I hadn’t met her before so as always I was a bit nervous. I shouldn’t have been as she made me feel at ease straight away. First thing I noticed how down to earth and friendly she is. We then got down to the wrestling. She looked awesome,so fit and extremely attractive!! I like a particular type of grappling and after I explained she knew exactly what I wanted and all added up to a wonderful 90min of fun. Tough going as she is very strong and a fantastic wrestler. I had second session with Xena that weekend and it was even more awesome than first. The excitement I felt on way to that session was unreal as I knew what a fab time I was in for!! Overall my time spent in Xenas company was very special and well worth the time. Thanks again and I will return soon for more sessions!!

Studio is great. Very comfortable and cosy. Tea coffee and showers available and Pippa was very accommodating organising everything for me!

Xena Review 2

I met Xena outside the studio, I was quite nervous, but she was very easy going and made me feel at ease right away.

We talked on the mats for a bit about the session. Xena was very open minded and has experience with lots of different desires. My desire to be dominated she explained was quite common.

When we started wrestling I was totally out matched and control by Xena, she pinned me in many different ways all of which were very hard to escape, and on the rare time I did get free I ended up in a crushing scissor. By the end of the session I was totally spent and Xena used this opportunity to try out more powerful head and body scissors that drained any strength I had left, I was finished off with some face sitting.

Xena was smiling throughout the session and making fun of my misfortune, she seemed to enjoy the whole session just as much as I did.

It was a great experience and I definitely got my money’s worth.

Xena Review 3

My session could not have gone any better, it was perfect. Xena is the complete package, Looks, ability and most importantly, personality. Being somewhat of a rookie ant this game, I asked for a fantasy/ domination session with plenty of head scissors, face sitting and foot worship. She ticked all the boxes and well and truly exceeded all of my expectations. She is even more attractive in person and those legs have to be seen to be believed! As for her ability, she easily moped the floor with me. Pin and submission after submission. I’d hate to think what would happen if I asked for a competitive session, I’m positive it would not end well for me.

It was here personality that impressed me the most. Having only a couple of sessions under my belt, I was a little nervous. I know it’s a cliche, but her warm smile and friendly demeanour instantly made me feel at ease. She is outgoing and easy to talk to.

Once I’m finished with my travels in Europe, and return to London, I will definitely be in touch to arrange another session.

Xena Review 4

first let me say before the session, i was very nervous. but needn’t have worried because Xena put me at ease straight away, i told her what i had in mind and she know exactly what i was talking about, the session itself started with her throwing me around the room for a while and then we moved on to scissors etc. thats when i found out just how strong she was! Xena then showed me various foot chokes and scissors and could have knocked me out several times, but i tapped just i was seeing stars! All can say is that time i spent with Xena was so much better then expected and i am so glad i did this. i will be returning.

Xena Review 5

Just wanted to say that I had a wonderful time with Xena, she was truly amazing, such a strong powerful woman but also such a great personality, understood everything I was looking for and over delivered.

Thank you again for organizing.

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