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Lottie Review 1

Had the delight to meet Lottie at the submission room today as part of a day of sessions!

She was WONDERFUL. An absolutely joyful human being with a big gorgeous smile and a bubbly personality.

She looked amazing in a thong bikini!

We agreed on a sensual/fantasy dom wrestling session and she immediately got the kind of holds/session I wanted.

It was, to be blunt, the perfect session. The hour flew by and I will absolutely book for longer next time!

She kindly agreed to do some photos at the end, and they are brill.

I have been sessioning for twenty years and this was amongst the best sessions I’ve had. Ever


Lottie Review 2

I have met Lottie several times now. Quite simply, the phrase “ray of sunshine” could have been designed for her. Her communications before the session are perfect, and in the session she is fun and bubbly, and a good deal stronger than she looks at first. Those scissors and pins can cause real problems and make me tap. Lottie also has something of the Duracell bunny about her — however much I manage to fight back and pin her in various ways, she just will not give up! And then she comes back for more soon as she’s gotten free. Early on in our sessions together, we discovered that we both much enjoyed tickle wrestling, and since then I just haven’t looked back. Seeing her at the Submission Room is truly one of life’s great pleasures.

As I’m sure Lottie would be the first to agree, if you are after a full-on, test of strength competitive rumble, certainly if you are a bigger chap like me, then she probably isn’t your girl (of course there are plenty in the Submission Room line up who would be perfect for this). If however you are after a fun, exhilarating and exhausting tumble around the mats, leaving lots of fantastic memories behind it, then she certainly is!

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