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Killpussy Reviews


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I was lucky enough to spend a week in London last February and refused to miss the chance to roll around with a lady wrestler. I googled up a few sites and names and decided I was going to test Killpussy’s skills at the Submission Room. I got in touch with an email and quickly had my appointment ready.

Killpussy and I met outside the Submission Room, she was punctual and elegantly dressed. Courteously, she offered some tea and we discussed my desires as regards the session. Killpussy looks imposingly strong, tall and solid, but with a tender touch that enhances her beauty. One can tell she loves wrestling and catering to one’s wishes.

She donned an enticing red bikini, while I was to wrestle in just my underwear (session took place between business meetings, no time to bring more convenient clothes). I had chosen semi-competitive style, and was in for a pleasant surprise. I consider myself a strong guy, have bodybuilded amateurishly but seriously for about twenty years and can lift heavy. Well, Killpussy showed she is the kind of wrestler for those who want a tall amazon to lock horns with, even if in friendly manner. For the first twenty minutes we grappled back and forth in a comfortably padded room, and whereas my strength fended off her unrelenting efforts to pin me, she was adamant in her intention to crush my defences (after a few minutes it was pretty clear it was she who was out to win), which she did after she wore me down and put me in a reverse headlock that had me tap out once I saw surrender was the best way to freedom.

We took a bit of a rest and shared a nice chat. Killpussy is a good conversationalist and fun to talk to. After a few minutes we resumed combat, to my continuous defeat: Killpussy is as strong as any guy, and although I may be stronger than the average man, she is far more skilled as wrestling is concerned and an expert at managing energy, so while I was approaching exhaustion, she had not broken a sweat. I congratulated and thanked her for a great session, had a quick shower and said goodbye with a satisfied smile.

Overall: a splendid session.
The lady: Killpussy, tall, strong, skilled, kind, great sense of humour.
The place: The Submission Room, nice padded place where you can wrestle around at leisure.
Return?: Definitely, as I will be back in London next June.


Killpussy Review 2

I met Killpussy outside the submission room and just like all the wrestlers she is great at making conversation. After a short talk we got down to wrestling, for the session Killpussy had decided to wear a bikini which she looked amazing in. The first thing that hit me when wrestling her was just how powerful she is. Before I knew it I was on my back with Killpussy pinning me to the mats with a grapevine, after a quick struggle to try and break free I worked out I wasn’t going anywhere and that I was completely at the mercy of Killpussy. I couldn’t quite believe how easily she overpowered me. After a few minutes Killpussy decided to transition to a facesit and again I knew I wasn’t going anywhere unless she wanted to. Every 30 seconds or so she would sit up and look down at me and eventually I worked out I would have to tap to escape. But straight after tapping I found myself in a reverse headscissor which really showed me just how strong Killpussy’s legs are and that she could have easily made me tap anytime she wanted. The rest of the session basically consisted of Killpussy dominating me in every way possible even at one point carrying me around the room.

Overall Killpussy is an amazing wrestler and if you are looking for an incredibly strong opponent look no further than her, a session with Killpussy is guaranteed to be memorable.

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