The Submission Room – London Mixed Session Wrestling Venue – Amber Phoenix Reviews



Amber Phoenix Review 1

From the moment Amber opened the door, her smiling, bubbly and fun personality shone through. She was extremely welcoming and was keen to hear about what type of session I wanted. As soon as we started wrestling, Amber’s competitive side came out. She is very strong and fiercely determined to win. Throughout the session, we chatted about our lives and other interests which made the session flow really well. After the wrestling side of the session had finished, she tied me up and left me laying there for a while whilst we chatted some more. After that, she put on her heels and ball busted me. She has some powerful kicks for someone who looks so innocent. I was a little disappointed when the session was over but will definitely be booking Amber again soon. She is the best if you want a fun, light-hearted yet semi-competitive session

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