The Submission Room – London Mixed Session Wrestling Venue – Session Types



Semi competitive

If you are interested in putting up more resistance, having a good work out and testing the skills and strength of one of our trained wrestlers, then you will enjoy a semi competitive match. It allows more of a physical session, but without the main focus on winning.


This typically means you will not make much or any effort in winning. The focus is on the female dominating the wresting match and can involve specific outfits, holds or roleplay. The scenario is usually discussed prior to the session. Specific fantasy holds can include school girl pinning, scissors, smothering or face-sitting.


These are matches where by the focus is on winning. We do not encourage competitive sessions, due to the risk of injury, although some of our wrestlers enjoy competitive matches. Competitive wrestling is at the discretion of the wrestler. Please ask for further details at the time of making your booking.

Domination wrestling

This is where a typical wrestling session is combined with other domination techniques. Only some wrestlers offer this service. The techniques involved in this session can include rope bondage, ball busting, foot worship, humiliation, confinement, spanking, nipple torture, whipping. Please ask more more details when booking.

2 on 1

If you think you can handle it then take on two of our wrestlers at the same time. You are certain to lose and be dominated in the session! One wrestler can pin you down, while the other makes you submit. Or it can involve a tag team scenario. Many of our wrestlers are trained together, so with their combined skills, they are sure to make you submit.


If you prefer to watch and not take part, then this may be for you. Our wrestlers are happy to wrestle each other and will use their skills to make each other submit while you keep score and even record your own personal video or photos (note that not all wrestlers permit filming, so please check this beforehand)


Roleplay is the acting out of a given scenario. This type of match offers you a chance to act out a long-standing fantasy that would otherwise be impossible. This is a great way to escape from the stresses of modern day living. Roleplay sessions can involve specific costumes and our wrestlers do their best to please. (Note that it may not be possible to acquire a specific outfit unless sufficient notice is given, so please remember to give enough time).




Some popular roleplay scenarios


Office Roleplay

Our wrestler could play the part of your personal secretary who has “had enough of you” and takes their revenge for all those evenings you made them work late.

Personal trainer challenge

This is where you think you are stronger than the our wrestler, but they prove you otherwise. You may discover that our mats aren’t edible when the wrestler makes you eat them!

Female Assassin

Maybe you see yourself as James Bond up against our sexy female assassin who has been sent to “dispatch you”.

Police Scene

You have been spotted mid-crime, by a trained wrestler policeman/woman. They are after you – you cannot hide. They use wrestling techniques to bring you down, arrest you and put you where you belong.

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