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Tanya Hyde Reviews



Tanya Hyde Review 1

Last week I had the pleasure to meet Tanya Hyde. And a pleasure it was! When I booked at the Submission Room I rather did not want a session with a too fanatic wrestler, like an MMA-fighter or a wrestler that likes to wrestle 60 minutes without a break. What me triggered on the profile of Tanya Hyde were the words cuddling and sensual. I thought: that sounds relaxed.

A bit nervous (first time) I came to the studio where I met the beautiful and very fit looking Pippa. She introduced me to Tanya, an innocent looking girl in her bikini. BIG MISTAKE !

She wanted to start with exploring each other’s bodies; that was a good start. Then Tanya appeared to be a very strong wrestler; she could pin me down every time she wanted. She has not only very strong arms, hands and legs, but she also moves very quickly.

She sometimes gives you the impression that you can get her in a hold, but she always could get out, not only because she is strong, but she is also very flexible and she just never gives up.

But she has another secret weapon. She seduces you (and I’m not talking about sex !); she whispers in your ear, strokes your hair and your body and you think I don’t want to resist her, I don’t want to escape, I want to stay in her arms, even if she keep locking your legs or arms. I booked a session for 90 minutes and I thought, maybe it is a bit too much, but when the alarm went off, I thought, why didn’t I book a session for two hours.

I would not be surprised if Tanya would be an actress in her other life. She plays the girlfriend, a wicked girl that gave me quite a spanking or the innocent girl that with a little voice says “no don’t do that” if you got her finally in a grip. And when you lose your grip she is out in a minute off course.

If I could, I would like to see her at least every month !

Tanya Hyde Review 2

I last sessioned with Tanya Hyde about four years ago at the old LWS studio. That was a great experience, and after such a long gap (and knowing that Tanya had departed the scene for much of the interim period) I was keen to discover if the magic could be re-created.

Boy, I need not have worried! She’s back, and better than ever. It’s not just her wrestling skills that made the session so great (good as they are) – it’s the whole experience. She has a sensuality that is amazing. Even when she is just chatting to you, you feel spellbound. Her intelligence and her perceptiveness are wondrous, and so I reckon you could just chat to her for an hour and still be mesmerised. We didn’t do that: we wrestled too, and hard. It was my third session of the week, and I had beaten the other two girls (despite their both being strong and good), but against Tanya I submitted (literally) to defeat. Her determination and competitiveness are great, and she even shared a few tips with me (before using them to devastating effect against me!). I defy anybody to emerge from a session with her without a huge smile on their face. I won’t be leaving it another four years until the next time!


Tanya Hyde Review 3

In my life I have perhaps had about 50 sessions. Started about 20 years ago and often being in America have sessioned with many of the well known girls plus some of the less well known. Recent years I have not been so interested, the scene has become very much about trained girls and competitive men talking about who wins and who doesn’t. None of which interests me. This leads me into my session with Tanya. For me a session is a power exchange a chance to be pinned and perhaps to pin back. Chemistry has to be good and the female should be able to read what the client likes and enjoys. Tanya did this perfectly. She is intelligent, beautiful and surprisingly very very strong. Most will have no chance of escape once pinned. It’s at this time Tanya comes into her own. Book a session with her. You won’t regret it.

Tanya Hyde Review 4

Thank you for a mind blowing session. Your the three S’s smart strong and sexy.

The session was amazing how you talked me through moves and then applied them in seconds. You look so demure then those thighs oh those thighs so strong and flexible and so hard to get out off. My perspective of the type of women I want in my life has changed I need a Tanya…

Tanya Hyde Review 5

Tanya is intelligent, charming and attractive off the mats, whilst being strong, skilled and feisty on them. But what truly sets her apart is the way she mentally dominates and controls you. She doesn’t do so with brute force, but by seducing you with whispers in your ear, caresses and sensual skin contact. You won’t be able to escape her and you won’t want to. Wrestling Tanya is an experience like no other.

Her return to the wrestling scene is an immense blessing. Don’t hesitate to book some time with her!

Tanya Hyde Review 6

I had seen reviews of Tanya but she doesn’t do videos so I didn’t really know what to expect. She had also mentioned that she was recovering from a knee injury so might not be at full strength. So I did think that I might have to take it easy on this 55kg girl. It turns out that Tanya at less than full strength is still much too good a wrestler for me. She is extremely quick and has a surprising (almost shocking) amount of explosive power. This, allied with years of experience, means that she is on top of you before you know it and always thinking two steps ahead. The grapevine is her happy place but her figure 4 and scissors are also very strong and she was only about halfway up her pressure scale when I started to tap. She let me start on top a couple of times, told me how she was going to get out, then went ahead and did it anyway. She talked me through a number of holds and how best to escape them. For anyone who might doubt just how skilful and strong the girls who do this are, have a session with Tanya. Unless you have some training, you’re going to end up in the figure 4 or the grapevine. She was also extremely welcoming and a pleasure to talk to, and even bought me a little birthday present!

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