June 15th Live Wrestling Event

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January 31, 2024
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June 11, 2024
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June 15th Live Wrestling Event

Hi everyone,

We will be at the same venue as the previous event in March. LOCATION: Very Close to Holloway Road Station. Email me for exact address. We also have the venue until 7pm, so this means there is loads of time for mini matches. Yayy!

We’re very excited to have two guest wrestlers at this event, Jolene and Naiirobi, as well as some fabulous Submission Room regulars











It would be great if you could attend the event! The event starts at 1pm, so please arrive at 12.50pm.

The main fem V fem matches will go from 1pm to around 4pm/4.30pm. There will be around 6/7 matches with a short interval with snacks.

There is then around two hours for paid mini matches with the wrestlers.
5 mins – £15

10 mins – £30

15 mins – £40

We will vacate at about 6.45pm.

Tickets are £70 in advance or £80 on the door.


See you on June 15th,

Pippa the Ripper xx

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