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Blaze Reviews


Blaze Review 1

I had the pleasure of meeting the charming and delightful Blaze for a semi-competitive wrestling session this evening.  She instantly put me at ease with her friendly and down to earth attitude before the session.  If anything she put too much at ease and as we started I was just thinking how fantastic she looked in her black bikini, long dark hair flowing down to her shoulders when suddenly she moves like lightening and puts me in a body scissors – her muscular dancers legs wrapped around my torso – smiling sweetly as she proceeded to squeeze the crap out of me – forcing me to tap.

I promised myself I wouldn’t be taken in for the next fall – but Blaze was all over me again soon after, wrapping her arms around my neck – her legs around my body and again squeezing, forcing me to tap as I felt the bulge of her bicep around my neck.  The next fall she won with an expertly delivered arm bar and the next with a head scissors.  Blaze moves with a fluid grace that’s hard to describe, you have to see it to believe it.  One second you think you have her – the next, she’s somehow got you in a hold – she’s probably the most flexible woman I’ve ever wrestled….but what I loved most about Blaze was how clearly she loves doing what she does – she’s intense when she needs to be and very happy when she’s got you in a hold! – She’s also very strong and very quick, there are only a few women  capable of making me tap with a body scissor and Blaze is one of them.  I can’t wait for my next session with her – book her while you can!


Blaze Review 2

I had the pleasure of meeting blaze this Saturday and her pictures do not do her justice she is stunningly beautiful and extremely strong and knows what she is doing on the mats she has a real way of putting you at ease which was lovely as I was quite nervous this being my first time.

I had decided to go for a full competitive match with a bit of foot Dom and bb thrown in and she did not disappoint she is an amazing wrestler with very strong legs and once you are in them it is very difficult to get out but don’t think for a second you are safe if you do get out cause she is lighting quick and will soon be on top of you again that being said I did manage to get the upper hand a few times and managed to make her tap but not as many times as she got me, between her leg scissors and her head locks which are brutal she was definitely the one in charge.

I have to say I had an amazing time and I will be booking her again soon just after I recover from this one if you want a fun lovely girl to take control she is definitely the girl for you and I would book her while you can.

Blaze Review 3

Had a amazing time in the Submission Room with two amazing, completely stunning lady’s Cobra and Blaze and their pictures really don’t show just how beautiful they are.

I went for a competitive match two on one as I am not a small bloke and have been told I am quite good and did win my last one on one so I thought it would be a good challenge and God was I right got there. Cobra let me in I had asked if she could be in her new bikini which she was and she looked amazing great body and legs and very pretty little feet which I was soon to get an hour of close up on Blaze arrived a little later in her high thigh suit and we all headed in to the room.

The girls get on really well and really do make you feel relaxed and at ease well until the match starts and then it was time for them to use me as there play toy I lost count of how many times they made me tap but they are both amazing wrestlers and have unbelievable strong legs and very flexible I nearly got one tap on blaze but cobra broke my hold with not much effort but was an amazing time the girls spend there time making me tap and laughing it was well worth it we all had a great time and will be looking forward to seeing them again soon book them as a pair or individual I can bet you anything you will definitely not regret it.

Blaze Review 4

Review of Blaze think about what a spartan goddess would look like that’s Blaze toned strong beautiful and very feminine she a good wrestler and knows all the moves. When she sits on your face with a triangle around your neck and shoulder and looks down at you with that smile of total dominance you will be hooked thanks Blaze and Pippa for great sessions! Jon

Blaze Review 5

My session with Blaze was quite an intense and special moment, thanks to her unique abilities and her passion for body expression. She has the experience of a dancer, and she translates this knowledge on the mats with effortless moves and graceful stances. Her beautifully toned legs are always her main weapon, but she used her whole body to drain my willpower, both seducing and menacing like a feline woman.

Blaze increased the pressure slowly but surely when scissoring and constricting, even giving me a forced choice to make between a rear naked choke and a body scissor. I was also mercilessly choked by her calf muscles while still struggling under her glutes, not really knowing what was the most painful or uncomfortable position.

Two moments, strangely comforting and poetic, reveal the tone of the session. First she put me in a slight sleeperhold and just pushed the soles of her feet on my hips, then on my knees. The tension was both slight, precise, painful and the sensation was close to the feeling of a strong massage, with the apparence of a wrestling hold. In another occasion, Blaze had me in a headlock and then trapped an arm between her legs, making me aware than a small pressure of her inner thighs was enough to provoke helplessness and a complete submission.

It is also finally important to say that Blaze is a very interesting and fascinating person to talk to, as her diverse background allow her to be especially sensitive to body issues and matters of self expression. Wrestling can then seem to be a sort of healing, a way of expand our vision and abilities to feel.

Blaze Review 6

Blaze is Intoxicating! I was immediately disarmed and put at ease with her lovely and vibrant personality. You can tell she is happy and enjoys life. While I was consumed by her presence, her dancer-and-gymnast trained legs slowly and methodically squeezed the life out of me and gave me no room to escape. I could not grasp how such beauty and grace could be so dominant and skilled with scissor holds. She used every muscle in her thighs to constrict and toy with me. And her calves are perfectly rock hard and diamond shaped. Blaze is so much fun, and she’s a beautiful person inside and out!

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