The Submission Room Live Summer Wrestling Event JUNE 17th 2017

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The Submission Room Live Summer Wrestling Event JUNE 17th 2017

The Important Details: JUNE 17th

-To book your place email me at (I prefer to have a rough idea of who is coming in advance) If you want to just turn up, then PLEASE CALL ME in the morning just to confirm all the details, incase there is any last minute changes.

-It’s £50 in advance (payable via paypal or bank transfer) or £60 on the day.

-The event will start at 1pm so please arrive by 12.50pm if you can. It will finish around 3.30pm

-Afterwards there will be paid mixed mini matches with the wrestlers, if you fancy having a go (£20 for 10 minutes and £5 for 5 minutes) so bring suitable clothes.

-ADDRESS : The Resistance Gallery,  265 Poyser St, London E2 9RF Here are the instructions and map If you need parking advice then please email or text me.

The Wrestlers

Sativa is awesome. As well as being a black belt in karate, drop dead gorgeous and a highly skilled wrestler, she’s also a really lovely person. If you haven’t already met her, then come and say hello to her on June 17th, and grab yourself a mini wrestle with her too, if you like!

Sativa took part in the last live event around earlier this year and we were all so impressed we simply had to have her back straight away. She has also been busy filming with us at The Submission Room. Her karate, martial arts, high kick videos are proving to be extremely popular. Her latest video F 165 – Sativa and the thief has been the highest selling video on The Submission  Clips4sale store for a while now. Go Sativa!




The Submission Room star, Blaze,  makes another appearance at our live event even more fit and flexible than before. Blaze is very well known for her amazing calves. For a real treat and a must for all Blaze fans check out this video of her here. Blaze shows her creative talents in this 15 minute video against Pete. It starts as a normal wrestling session and as a trained wrestler, Blaze easily overpowers her opponent. But then Blaze decides to use the submissions as a way of making Pete do whatever she wants and it would appear that her calves and feet are in need of some TLC. Blaze alternates between submission wrestling (to remind Pete who is in charge), and forced foot and calf worship. At the end of the match, Pete is completely subdued and forced to admit that Blaze really does have the best calves he has ever seen.



The stunning and strong Karmen joins us again for another Live Wrestling Event. Last time she took on Jade and left us wanting more! So, she’s back to take on two new opponents so come along and watch her in action. See what happened in her match against Jade here.

Karmen doesn’t live in London so she’s travelling down especially, so make sure you get a mini match in with her. She’s also The Submission Room’s resident guest wrestler so keep an eye on our guest wrestler page for her next dates. If you can’t wait for her next date, then she will travel down for a minimum of a two hour session plus travel (total cost £350).



Axa is by no means a stranger on the wrestling scene, in fact she is one of the longest standing session wrestlers out there, making her rather famous. So if you haven’t met her already, then get your tickets to this event and see this girl in action. She has become extremely strong and skilled over the years and takes on some of the best session wrestlers out there. She uses her speed as a huge advantage in her matches. It’s impressive stuff.


Black Widow 

This will be Black Widow first official Submission Room event, but for those of you that have seen some of her videos on our clips for sale site will be utterly blown away with this wrestler. She’s strong, small, fast, fierce and competitive and can beat opponents much larger than her. Watch some serious skill when this lady is on the mats. Watch Black Widow V Inferno here. And here she is against Sativa and her final video is a mixed match against Fritz.

This event is going to be exciting with Black Widow taking part in the line up.





Trouble Maker 

Trouble Maker is one of the newer wrestlers from The Submission Room but she certainly is one feisty fighter. If you like to watch full energy and determination on the mats, then don’t miss Trouble at our event. With her cheeky smile she will, no doubt, charm you into some mini matches where she will pin you down and put you through your paces, in the most irresistible way possible. Give Trouble a try!

Check out her previous matches on our clips store.




See you on JUNE 17th. xx


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