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Goth Delilah Review 1

I booked a session with Delilah for lift and carry and fantasy wrestling. Once on the mat, she had the place already warmed up and she made sure to make me feel comfortable from the beginning, which helped me a lot (I must admit I was a bit nervous). She started with the l&c and, as I expected, my 70 kilos were no problem for her, holding me in a cradle, straddle, piggyback and ots, even squatting me with no problems at all. After a while, we moved on to fantasy wrestling, but it turned into a semi-competitive, because I wanted to wrestle back a little bit thinking that I could be a decent contestant. Obviously, I was totally wrong, I was no match for her skills, speed and strength, so I didn’t even dare to count all the times she made me tap. She absolutely dominated me in the most charming way, which made me enjoy the pain of her locks. She even let me take breaks, and she would use them to lift and carry me.

If you are looking for a really strong and skilled wrestler, but that can also charm you while dominating you, then Delilah is definitely a must, you won’t regret it.

Goth Delilah Review 2

Goth Delilah is fantastic. She is beautiful in her pictures and even more beautiful in person. Communication with her is easy and quick. She understood exactly what I was looking for and delivered. I was looking for a semi competitive wrestling session with her and boy did she deliver! I honestly tried my utmost to submit her, but I didn’t stand a chance. Her combination of skill and power was something else. Once she gets you into a hold, it’s essentially tap out or goodnight! Throughout the session I could just feel her slowly maneuvering me into more and more precarious positions, where she would just hold me there, on brink of having to tap. I felt very safe with her though, she is professional and knows exactly what she is doing. Even during the session which was 60mins long, when I was clearly exhausted, Delilah didn’t just leave me to rest and sit the other side of the mats, she kept it interactive, by sitting on top of me, showing off her dominance. I appreciated both the breather and the view. I have challenged myself to get a bit fitter and when I do I’ll be back for another session with Goth Delilah with an attempt to gain at least one submission.

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