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Medusa Review 1

When I booked a session with Medusa, I was not entirely sure what to expect – and the answer turned out to be Everything. To start with, Medusa was super friendly and helpful in discussing what we might like to do with our time together. She did a great job of making me feel comfortable before – and after – but certainly not in between. In the end, our session covered so much ground in so little time. Flexing her domme skills, we started with my undressing her to reveal a sexy Replicant beneath, straight from Blade Runner and we began to wrestle. Now Medusa is listed as ‘light semi-comp’ so I thought I should go easy – and paid the price for underestimating her. Medusa may still be building her fight skills and experience, but she was plenty fast enough to trap me in chokes and scissors fiercer than I was counting on and made me tap out more times than I cared to count. Even when I dialled it up, she dialled it up too.

And when I say we covered some ground, it was a really varied experience. At one stage, I found myself trying to wrestle her with my hands tied together. Another we played with her domme skills which saw me get trampled. We experimented with holds and locks that you rarely get to use in a straight grapple. She was open to some of my leftfield suggestions, and had some of her own – several of which were beyond my readiness for a first encounter. Between times, she was just straight up delightful to talk to on a whole range of things – until it was time to get hands on and sweaty again. Afterwards, she let me take some pics to remember the occasion by – but only if I shared them with her to use on her Twitter.

I thoroughly recommend Medusa, especially if you are into the gothier, dark side of things.

Medusa Review 2

Wrestling Medusa is a blast. She hasn’t been wrestling for long but she loves it and she has a natural talent for it, relying mainly on a feisty attitude and some extremely strong legs. So you spend an hour grappling with a nearly 6 foot tall model who’s having the time of her life, hates to lose and will crush your ribs (and your ego). What’s not to like?

Medusa Review 3

From the second I arrived and Medusa opened the door she had a massive smile on her face and welcomed me inside. Within minutes it felt like I was a regular with her despite meeting her for the first time. She offered me a drink and we discussed what the session would contain. Although she openly admits to be one of the less experienced wrestlers she certainly has enough natural ability and strength to pose a real challenge for anyone. We stopped for regular breaks and just chatted about our lives. She was incredibly friendly throughout the session and it’s clear that she favours scissors and chokes as her preferred methods of making you submit. I was disappointed when the session ended because she just radiates light and happiness to the world. I can’t wait to book with Medusa again. Thank you for the best session possible.

Medusa Review 4

This was my first ever wrestling session so, although full of anticipation, I was also a bit apprehensive of what it would be like, but on meeting Medusa, her warm and friendly personality made me feel immediately at ease. Our wrestling was based around a fantasy / roleplay scenario in which I was a legendary spy (the one and only) and Medusa a Spectre operative on a mission to capture me and make me reveal a secret code. Although I was determined to strive my utmost for King and Country Medusa was just too quick and too strong. Soon I found myself trapped in a tight school girl pin and wearing myself out in a hopeless struggle to escape. Operative Medusa’s deadliest weapons were her amazing legs, which controlled me in front and reverse pins, face sitting manoeuvres and a variety of tight head scissors impossible to describe without falling into cliche.

To tell the truth, I did my utmost not to spill the beans but inevitably, one by one, school girl pin by school girl pin, face sit by face sit, head scissor by head scissor Medusa forced me to tell her the numbers of the secret code. I had tried and tried not to but there was nothing I could do. After I gave her the numbers she was content to keep me captured. Grounded in a variety of holds most of which I don’t know the name of, including a face down arm scissor affair with my head trapped between her calves.

As well as great wrestling skills Medusa displayed a wonderful generosity of spirit and creativity in understanding and fulfilling my session wishes and she obviously gave some thought to them in preparation. For example, to embellish the spy scenario she played a soundtrack of James Bond themes and spy type music. Then during the wrestling there were flashes of brilliant spontaneity too, like when she tied up my wrists and ankles with her discarded stockings and gagged me with a Union Jack scarf. And what a personality! In turns mischievous, funny, mocking, playful, feisty, and charming. When the wrestling was over, we had interesting chat about cinema, which we both love. After that, although she’d already wiped them with me, I helped her clean the mats. What else could I do? I really can’t wait to book Medusa again for another session.

Medusa Review 5

If your wrestling preferences include fantasy and roleplay situations, I enthusiastically advise booking a session with Medusa.

My session with her had a femme fatale /film noir theme and when I arrived, Medusa set the mood, greeting me wearing a chic retro 1940’s style raincoat straight out of Veronica Lake’s Paramount wardrobe. She cast herself in the role of a beautiful but deadly femme fatale who captures and dominates a hapless gumshoe (me) and forces him into giving her some information. And with raincoat removed Medusa looked beautiful in her gorgeous ultra feminine femme fatale outfit. Mostly black to suit the theme but with lilac stockings.

I’ll leave it to you to imagine how she got the information, only to say that Medusa proved to be a much stronger, faster smarter more skilful wrestler than I, so it was only a matter of time before she obtained all she desired.

Medusa also created a soundtrack of delightfully sleazy, noirish music to wrestle to. Music to be dominated by. Intense, sensual and a bit oppressive, Music just right to accompany being helplessly trapped in a tight schoolgirl pin or a sensual scissors.

And so it went, moment after sublime moment.

I had feared that a two-hour session might have been too long for Medusa to sustain the scenario and at one point she decided to tie me up and take a little break. After that she shifted the session to a different place, taking me to new unexpected wilder shores I’d never visited, until any resistance I had left was gradually reduced to complete submission. An education of sorts for me I must say!

As well Medusa’s formidable wrestling skills, particularly her awesome pinning, what made the session wonderfully special. was the combination of,spontaneity, creativity and attention to detail she brought to it. I guess some might use a mundane term like ‘professional’ to describe this. I would prefer to say Medusa is just very talented at what she does.

I really hope I can share another unique wresling experience wirh Medusa sometime in the furure. I recomend that you do too!

Medusa Review 6

Medusa, despite being fearsome on the mat – with super strong leg muscles as well as knowing how to use them – is very sweet and friendly. This is great if you’re a bit nervous at the start or anything. She’ll discuss your limits before it starts and make sure you’re comfortable. As well as being a stunningly attractive human sculpted from the Gods themselves (who I now have a major crush on by the way) can in fact grapple for real. Medusa really has the squishing technique down too. Nobody has made me appreciate just how good my face is at being used as a seat before. I highly recommend Medusa. Being kept as a statue for all eternity in the lair really doesn’t sound all that bad when you think about who’ll you’ll be spending time with.

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