The Submission Room – London Mixed Session Wrestling Venue – Filmed Sessions

If you would like a souvenir of your wrestling match then this is no problem. We can organise a camera girl to film your match for you. If you prefer not to have a camera girl present during your session, then a tripod can be used.

Please note filmed session videos are for your private use only and are not to be distributed, uploaded or sold online, unless discussed prior to the session. Please check in with us first if you want a filmed session as not all the wrestlers are happy to be filmed. Filmed sessions generally cost an extra £60 per session, but can vary from wrestler to wrestler.

Ideally you are to bring a phone or device to film the session. Alternatively you can bring a micro sd card which can be used in our camera and given back to you after the session. If you don’t have an sd card or are unable to buy one in advance then you can buy one from us for £5 extra.


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