The Submission Room – London Mixed Session Wrestling Venue – FAQ it easy to park in the area?

Unfortunately on our road it is permit holders only now between 8.30am and 6.30pm Monday to Saturday. Outside these hours it is free to park on our road. There are some pay and display bays and car parks in the area around Seven Sisters station N15. Please ask for more information when you book.

What should I wear and what will the wrestlers wear?

You should wear something comfortable such as shorts and a t-shirt. Girls generally wear bikinis, although it does depend on the individual wrestlers’ personal choice, as some prefer leotards or sports bras. If you have an outfit request, please do let us know.

What are your opening hours?

Session times are flexible depending on which wrestler you want to meet, but generally sessions take place between 10am and 9pm. If you cannot get through to us on the phone, please email to book a session. I may be busy or abroad, so email contact is usually preferred.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We ask for a £50 deposit for all sessions, even if you have been coming for years. This is for many reasons, but also due to changes in bank charges and to make my financial admin easier. Preferably we require this deposit via bank transfer, although I can also accept payments through an online card payment system which is easy and discrete and ideal for international payments (charges 3% service charge). We do also understand in some very certain circumstances online deposits are impossible, in which case we will accept cash on the day (please note that certain wrestlers do require an online deposit due to long journey times and cost). Also, all remaining fees are to be brought on the day in cash only, unless stated otherwise.

I’m in the area today and would like to book a session at short notice. Is this possible?

Yes, but only certain wrestlers are available at short notice so you might have to be flexible as to who you wrestle.

Can my session be videoed/recorded?

Some, but not all wrestlers allow sessions to be filmed. You will have to enquire when making your booking.

Can I contact the wrestler directly?

No wrestlers are to be contacted through The Submission Room email, online form or booking telephone number.


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