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Morgana Review 1

Had a wonderful session with Morgana at the submission room yesterday. She is VERY strong and skilled, but also just a lovely, friendly bubbly person too.

Put me at ease straight away, and we had a session that just ‘clicked’. A semi-comp/domination session in which Morgana (who asked questions before we started to know what exactly I wanted) offered everything I was looking for – scissors, facesitting, feet smothering, verbal humiliation, chokes etc.

She delivered all of that, all with a big smile on her face, and a knowingly dominant look plastered all over her face, which was both terrifying and arousing!

She knew she could whoop my butt from the minute we started, and her eyes just told me so!

She has amazing power, and an even more amazing personality.

Morgana Review 2

This is the first review I’ve left, but I’ve seen a few of the Submission Room ladies over the years, and it’s fair to say that every single one of them has been gorgeous, friendly, accommodating – and more than a match for us pathetic fellas! The Submission Room itself is a great venue, too; cosy and intimate, but fully padded – including the walls – so ideal for an energetic session!

So what makes Morgana special? Read on to find out…

Like all the other wrestlers, she was really friendly and helpful in advance, very welcoming on arrival, and took the time to really listen to my likes and dislikes – not that she wasn’t also happy to adapt and try other things as the session progressed.

I think it’s fair to say that I’m rubbish as a wrestler but, even so, I’ve come to prefer semi-competitive matches over fantasy ones; I just find it much more fun if I feel that I’m actively involved in the match, rather than just laying on my back and being dominated – not that that isn’t fun, too! So, it was a semi-competitive match that I wanted with Morgana, with plenty of domination, too, for the (very many) occasions when she had me totally under her control.

As the session went on, Morgana put me through the wringer in a number of ways – schoolgirl pins, grapevines, choke holds, scissors, facesitting, camel clutches and more. At my request, and calibrating them carefully, she also subjected me to a barrage of body punches and kicks – these started off relatively gentle, but gradually ramped up to the point where I’ve still got some bruises as a lovely memento a few days later. On the mats, I had lots of fun trying to resist her powerful holds, but getting a tap out of her was never going to happen. I did manage to very briefly flip her on her back a couple of times, though, although my delight didn’t last long – she immediately took back control, and ensured I was appropriately punished. I was having so much fun, and Morgan had so many different torments to put me through, that I just had to take an impromptu decision to extend the session from 60 to 90 minutes. I could hardly walk by the end!

Apart from Morgana’s gorgeous face and body, her friendliness, adaptability and skills, their were two things that really stood out for me. One was her strength – she really works out, and has an amazingly strong body: I was never in any doubt that she had me totally in her control at all times. The other was the look in her eyes when I’d done something to provoke her – they changed in an instant from a friendly but mocking stare to the look of a furious hellcat. When I saw that look flash up onto her face, I knew I was in for a world of hurt!

I had the most amazing time with Morgana, and I’d wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone, regardless of your confidence, skill level or interest in specific scenarios. She’s an amazing, lovely person who I can’t wait to meet again – once my bruises have gone, that is!


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