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May 29, 2024
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Interview with Montress Medusa

Interview with Montress Medusa

Who are you?

I’m Monstress Medusa, a mystical mistress of mayhem.

Where are you from?

Born and bred on the East Coast of the US, I’ve since slithered across the pond to make London my home.

Do you think you tell a lot about a person’s personality in the way they wrestle?

Absolutely. The way someone wrestles is like a twisted reflection of their psyche – every move, every grunt, every styling choice reveals a little more about the depravity lurking beneath the surface.

Does your personality come out in your wrestling style, if so, can you describe this.

My personality seeps into every crevice of my wrestling style – the music I choose sets the tone for the session, echoing the rhythm of my mood and the flow of our twisted dance. My aesthetic tends towards the macabre and mysterious, with gothic undertones that hint at the chaos lurking beneath. And, of course, my outfit is always a deliberate manifestation of my inner monstress – a sartorial reflection of the darkness that drives me.

How did you get into session wrestling?

A chance encounter with the infamous Kill Pussy on a kink video shoot set my fate in motion. She initiated me into the underground world of session wrestling, and I’ve been irreparably consumed by its allure ever since.

What do you love most about being a session wrestler, how does it suit you, your lifestyle/personality?

For me, session wrestling is the ultimate outlet for my creative energy and a deliciously deviant way to blow off steam. It’s a visceral thrill that trumps any mundane gym routine, and I revel in the primal satisfaction of using my body as an instrument of domination – bending, twisting, and breaking opponents to my whim.

Please tell me about your background and experience which lead into what you are doing today? When did you first become attracted to combat sports/wrestling, can you remember a pinnacle event/occurrence which truly steered you in the direction of becoming an athlete/wrestler?

My background is a tapestry of cabaret, performance art, and the Kink scene, woven together during my time in the States. As a child, I was always drawn to play fighting, and I think that hinted at a deeper desire for physical confrontation. In my teens, I was fascinated by the idea of joining an all-female fight club, but it seemed like an unattainable dream. Instead, I channelled my energy into theatre and dance – figure skating being a particular passion.

It wasn’t until recently that I discovered the thrill of combat sports, and it’s been a revelation. The rush of adrenaline, the test of strength and strategy… it’s awakened a new side of me. I’ve begun training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to hone my skills and keep my body sharp for sessions. Dance classes continue to be an essential part of my regimen, allowing me to maintain flexibility and fluidity.

But what truly drives me is the empowerment that comes with self-defence skills. It’s not just about physical prowess; it’s about confidence, autonomy, and taking control of one’s own safety. As someone who’s passionate about female empowerment, I believe that every woman should have access to these tools – it’s liberating.

What’s your speciality?

On the mat, my favourite is scissoring! There’s an art to wrapping my legs around an opponent, squeezing the air out of them, and leveraging my strength to make them submit. Overall however my speciality is in fantasy and roleplay – I thrive in creating immersive scenarios that are far more visceral and intense than the real world.

What are your favourite types of session?

I’m drawn to sessions that transport us to another realm – fantasy and roleplay scenarios that allow me to tap into my darker, more primal instincts. And of course, domination is where I truly come alive. There’s something intoxicating about exerting control, bending wills, and pushing boundaries.

When did you start wrestling?

My journey into the world of session wrestling began almost 2 years ago, and it’s been a wild, exhilarating ride ever since. With each new match, I’ve continued to refine my skills, tap into my inner strength, and unleash my true  Monstress.

What are your favourite outfits for wrestling and why?

I absolutely adore bespoke outfits that transport me into the depths of a twisted fantasy. When a client gifts me with an elaborate costume tailored to their specific scenario, it’s like fuel for my creative fire. But what really gets me going is collaborative brainstorming with clients – weaving together an incredible tapestry of desires and bringing them to life through fashion and fantasy.

What is it about your characteristics that make you a good session wrestler?

I think it’s my playful imagination that sets me apart as a session wrestler. I can tap into the depraved corners of my mind and bring them to life on the matts. And let’s not forget my feisty attitude – I’m not afraid to get rough, to push boundaries, and to unleash my inner Monstress on unsuspecting opponents.

What’s the story behind your wrestling name?

My wrestling name, Monstress Medusa, is a nod to my fascination with mythology. And it’s not just a coincidence – my naturally curly locks have a serpentine quality to them, which drew me to the legend of the gorgon. The idea of being able to turn men into stone with a single glance is intoxicating, don’t you think? It’s the perfect metaphor for the power and control I crave on the matts, in the dungeon, and in dark corners.

Are there any wrestlers you really admire and why?

I’m constantly inspired by the fierce women who dominate the world of session wrestling. There are too many to count, but each one brings their own unique energy and style to the ring. I’m always learning from them, drawn to their strength, creativity, and unapologetic attitude. They’re my sisters in arms, and I’m honored to be part of this community of powerful women.

Goth Delilah, for instance, is a gothic goddess who embodies the perfect blend of strength and dark creativity. Her style is captivating, and I’m grateful to have her as a mentor and fellow goth sister.

Sativa is another force to be reckoned with – an athletic powerhouse who approaches each match like a chess game, always anticipating her opponent’s next move.

And then there’s Killpussy, the one who introduced me to this wild world of session wrestling. She’s been an amazing mentor, guiding me through the ropes and showing me the true potential of my own monstrosity.

What other things do you enjoy in life? Does this help with wrestling?

When I’m not crushing opponents in the ring, I indulge in a few other passions that actually help fuel my wrestling persona. My love for cabaret, with its flair for theatrics and over-the-top drama, translates perfectly to the performance aspect of session wrestling. It’s all about creating an immersive experience, after all.

My fascination with Horror – particularly the darker corners of human psychology – helps me tap into the primal fears and desires that drive my monstrosity. It’s a reminder that true power lies in embracing the shadows within.

Classic film is another obsession of mine, especially obscure references that add a layer of depth to our role-play scenarios. There’s something about conjuring up old-school Hollywood glamour and noir-ish intrigue that adds an extra layer of sophistication to our twisted games. I also adore Exploitation and Grindhouse films as well.

And then there’s Music – oh, how I adore it! From rock to pop to dark wave and musicals, each genre has its own unique rhythm and mood that can set the tone for our sessions. It’s amazing how a well-curated playlist can transport us to another world altogether.

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