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My first session with Goddess Jasmin (and surely not my last!) was a highly memorable one. I actually noticed her in the street on my way from Seven Sisters to the studio, with very cool clothes and shoes, and a calm, slow stride oozing of confidence. Jasmin is very beautiful and sweet, yet also very assertive, and, I think, naturally dominant. She’s fairly new to the scene, but her demeanour on and off the mats does not reflect that. Her body is… amazing. Tall, gracious, slim, yet very feminine, toned and strong.

We briefly discussed the session, which would start out semi-competitively and progress more towards domination. Jasmin was very attentive to my wishes, and also made sure during the session that particular holds were ok with me and didn’t lead to unwanted pain or injuries. Her background includes yoga and dance, and she is very knowledgeable about the human body and its limits.

In the semi-competitive part we exchanged submissions initially, and I managed a few of my own with my only real threat, body scissors. Due to the onslaught rules we agreed on, though, Jasmin racked up considerably more points than me – she was allowed to repeat a hold and make me tap multiple times before letting me up. Although I’m very fit, those repeated submissions made me tire fairly quickly, especially the smother holds that left me gasping for air. The semi-competitive part therefore seamlessly and naturally transformed into domination, and there was nothing I could do about it.

Oh those long, long, long, flexible legs. They can squeeze! In front and reverse headscissors it did not take many seconds before I had to tap. In Jasmin’s bodyscissors I was in great agony, but was too stubborn to tap. In hindsight I should have tapped, because now, several days after the session, my ribs are still a bit sore. I take pride in not being particularly affected by body scissors due to a strong core, so don’t tell her that! Bodyscissor fans will definitely love Jasmin, as will those more inclined towards smothers: When Jasmin is on top she is extremely difficult to shift or throw off, partly because she has great balance and partly because those long legs are perfect for excruciating grapevines. Jasmin combines her debilitating grapevine with effective, oxygen-depriving breast smothers. My favourite part was repeated smothers, onslaught-style, either breast smothers or facesits. The latter became more prominent during the course of the session, and Jasmin really knows her facesitting stuff. I was dominated, physically and verbally, and in the end she smothered me multiple times and forced me to say sorry for submitting her earlier in the session.

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