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London Reviews

London Review 1

London was the total experience. She made me feel warm and welcome, then proceeded to over deliver on everything I expected.

In my opinion she looks better than the photos shown on the website, and most importantly brings the energy and personality that you’d want to see in a fantasy session.

Her legs are -way- stronger than you think they are. I thought I was being brave carrying her around the mat (she’s under 5′, and I do work out a fair deal), until she brought me down to the mats by squeezing my ribs until I couldn’t take anymore. She then proceeded to gleefully jump on top of me, at which point further mischief ensued.

If you’re wondering, the whole operation is a completely professional one. There’s a toilet and shower for before and after. London was also on time and a great guide to my first experience, being able to answer any questions I had.

Don’t hesitate! If you see her free, try to get a hold of her!

Thanks again for the fantastic experience, Pippa!!

London Review 2

While I wasn’t fooled by London’s small stature and sweet personality, she showed me a thing or two about wrestling nonetheless. She used a variety of holds and executed them all very well, while all the time smiling. She tailored our session to exactly how I wanted it to go, especially the pins.

I had a great time with London and should I be able to return to the city named after her, I will seek her out again.

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