The Submission Room – London Mixed Session Wrestling Venue – Kaos Reviews


Sessioned with Kaos from submission room yesterday. Oh my god. She’s a professional MMA fighter so that should have been my first clue how the session would go!

She is very highly skilled, very powerful, and loves violence, pure and simple.

She told me I was getting knocked the hell out, and that was that whether I liked it or not (don’t worry – if you specify that you don’t want to be ko’d in your pre-session emails, then she’s very professional and obviously won’t).

She likes it best when you try and put up a fight, which I tried, with zero success. She had way too much power and skill for me to stand any kind of chance and could do with me whatever she wanted.

She put me in a triangle armbar choke thing…told me she was going to put me to sleep like the bitch that I was, and then did just that! I was so confused when I came around, and only remembered when she fully woke me up by squeezing my nose with her toes.

Apart from being terrifyingly dominant, she was also very friendly, and it was easy to chat to her (when not being sent to the next dimension in one of her many squeezy holds!

A session with Kaos is not for the faint hearted but rest assured she is professional, safe, and fun to spend time with on the mats. It’s just that she loves violence so be prepared for that!

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