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Sativa Review 1

For my latest session at the submission room I asked Pippa to organise a surprise opponent for me. When I arrived at the studio I was slightly nervous due to the fact that this was my first session in about 3 months, however when I was greeted by Sativa I was instantly put at ease. First thing to note about her is that she has the most incredible personality which is defiantly what put me at ease straight away.

Before the session began Sativa wanted to know if there was anything particular I wanted her to do during it but I explained how I like to leave it open since I prefer to get the most natural response without restricting anyone. We also agreed on a bet before the session which was a best of five where if I lost I would have to kiss her feet.

Our first best of five began with Sativa basically overpowering me with her scissors and joint locks all of which were expertly executed giving her an early lead. While it did take all my strength I did manage to equal the score at 2-2 meaning our first round came down to the final point. Sativa was very determined not to let me win and while I did manage to resist tapping for a while the outcome was inevitable. Throughout this round I learnt just how hard it is to pin Sativa due to how flexible she is, one minute you think you have her trapped the next your struggling to resist tapping yourself.

Like the first round both the second and third had an inevitable outcome of Sativa winning with the second round ending in a 3-2 and the third ending in a 3-1. It almost seemed like overtime rather than getting tired (like me) Sativa was becoming stronger and stronger, who knows what might have happened had the session gone on longer.

Overall Sativa is an incredible addition to the submission room line up and I simply cannot put it into words just how amazing she is. I cannot wait to meet her again soon and just writing this review has made me 10x more excited about meeting her again. I cannot recommend Sativa enough and if you are fortunate enough to live near London or if you ever get a chance to visit do not hesitate to book Sativa.

Sativa Review 2

I booked Sativa for a semi-competitive tickle wrestling session and I couldn’t have been happier with the experience. As this was my first experience in the session world, I was quite nervous to begin with, but she put me completely at ease. I feel so privileged that my first time was with her as the opponent. Her general demeanour, as well as her banter and teasing through the session, made the experience all the more enjoyable. By the end I was thoroughly exhausted, having been put through my paces by this phenomenal opponent. It was great fun and she judged the competitiveness and nature of the session expertly. I would be very happy to book with her again and to recommend her to others.

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