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Session prices vary from £150-£250 for an hour. Please check wrestler listings for the individual pricing information.

All sessions must be confirmed the day before via email or phone call. Time wasters will not be tolerated.

If you don’t turn up, confirm a session, or let us know if you want to cancel a session in good time, you will lose your deposit and we may not allow you to book another session.

Call the Submission Room on 07534156610 or email or use the contact form near the bottom of this page.

If you cannot get through to us on the phone, please email to book a session. I may be busy or abroad, so email contact is usually preferred.

If you send an email, remember to state your preference for the type of session (fantasy or semi competitive etc.) and remember that some wrestlers are unable to accommodate all session styles. Please also include a list of wrestlers you are interested in meeting in preference order if necessary. And also a selection of time and dates you are available.

Click here for details of our wrestlers.

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