The Submission Room – London Mixed Session Wrestling Venue – Luna Reviews


Luna Review 1

I arrived and was greeted with a smile by Luna, who is very impressive in person. She manages to come across as both beautiful and graceful as well as strong and imposing at the same time. We had a brief chat before getting down to wrestling, which was semi-competitive for the first half of the session. Immediately I realised that I was completely outmatched for strength, as she was able to strong-arm me when attempting to lock up. After some grip fighting I managed to get a dominant position twice early on, resulting in two submissions for me, but this success was short lived. As the session wore on I began to tire and my strength left me, with Luna then taking full advantage and gaining 4 consecutive submissions, to a mixture of chokes and arm locks. By the end of the half hour she was merely toying with me and joked that my strength had left me. I spent the last ten minutes or so of the session pinned beneath her, with her full weight on my lungs making it harder for me to catch my breath, completely exhausting me. For the second half of the session as a result of my loss I was forced to submit and kiss her feet, admit that she was better and was subjected to a variety of tortures. Overall I would highly recommend this talented, strong and beautiful lady.

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