Interview the Wrestlers: Miss Kay O

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Interview the Wrestlers: Miss Kay O

Miss Kay O

Interview the Wrestlers: Miss Kay O

1. Who are you? Miss Kay O
I’m Miss Kay O, Muay Thai fighter and session wrestler.

2. Where are you from?
I’m from Athens and I’ve been living in London since 2010.

3. Please describe your personality or wrestling style in three words.

4. Do you think you tell a lot about a person’s personality in the way they wrestle?
Yes and no. For example, someone can be sweet in life but hard on the mats. What I have noticed though is most of the times, when someone has an arrogant attitude on the mats he/she is quite arrogant in general.
And vice versa, someone who is ethical/moral outside the ring he/she might be a tough opponent but he/she will play fair.

Does your personality come out in your wrestling style, if so, can you describe this?
Yes in a way. For example, as I said before, I’m not an aggressive/authoritative person, but when the situation requires (or when my partner enjoys it) I can go  very hard. Before my fight, my trainer told me that I should open a charity instead of fighting as I’m too giving/polite when I spar, but when I got in the ring everything changed and I was surprised of how hard I fought.
I like contrasts and since I am naturally polite and not aggressive hurting someone is contradicting..I like to be sweet and humorous on my sessions by at the same time cheeky and rough. What’s better than an innocent smile when you squeeze someone’s head between ur thighs?

Miss Kay O5. How did you get into session wrestling?
Once I was at a bdsm party and met a girlfriend who was a session wrestler. When she told me what’s her occupation I immediately thought that this is the perfect job for me.

6. What do you love most about being a session wrestler, how does it suit you, your lifestyle/personality?

I like to sweat, to stimulate my body and my mind. I also like to enter this different reality/headspace, of a match or a dom session. Suddenly the rules of the everyday life don’t exist/are reversed and I find that switch he most exciting bit of all contact “sports” and sessions.

7. Please tell me about your background and experience which lead into what you are doing today?

When did you first become attracted to combat sports/wrestling, can you remember a pinnacle event/occurrence which truly steered you in the direction of becoming an athlete/wrestler? For some it stems back to childhood, for other it’s a recent thing, either way, please describe this in a few paragraphs.

I’ve been working out since I was 5, thanks to my mom. I passed through all sorts of activities, ballet, gymnastics, diving, ice skating (to which I owe my flexibility) volleyball and many more. I only started stared martial arts much later, at the age of 19, and by mistake. I went to do an aerobics class and the schedule had changed, so there was a Kick Boxing class instead. I thought to give it a go and that was it, after that i got obsessed.

8. What’s your speciality?

I’m proud of my kicks and most particularly my high kicks. I’ve been told that my scissors are strong too.9. What are your favourite types of session?

The ones that I sweat, I push my limits and use my brain.10. How long have you been wrestling for?

I did do clinching and grappling as part of my Muay Thai training, but I only got introduced to wrestling about a year ago. Last week I tried Bjj for the for the first time and I loved it. Very intense.11. What are your favourite outfits for wrestling and why?

Choosing outfits is actually one of my favourite parts of this job. I like to be creative with my outfits, I like colourful Lycra leggings, black fishnets and all sorts of shiny/spArkling clothes 🙂
I love wearing fishnets because they look good and feel even better and everything sparkling, well because it’s sparkling 😀12. What is it about your characteristics that make you a good session wrestler?

I believe that awareness and discipline are the most important assets I have. I want to push hard my opponents but without causing an injury. Same in giving the right amount of hardness/pain, understanding the limits and what a client enjoys. Because after all we both want to have a good time (even if that requires to give some pain)13. Did you have any plans to travel and wrestle?

That sounds like a great combination, double fun. Nothing planned yet, but would love to do it sometime soon 🙂14. What’s the story behind your wrestling name?

Kay comes from an other nickname I have, O comes from the Story of the O, which is an erotic novel from the 50s.
The two  together make what someone would want to get from a fight K.O 😉15. Are their any wrestlers you really admire and why?Miss Kay O

I feel very happy to be in the submission room because all the girls I’ve met so are great and there’s a friendly family atmosphere at the studio. I like all the wrestlers I have met so far, if I had to choose one, I’d choose Pussy Willow because she is very funny.
From the pro fighters Tecia Torres a.k.a tiny tornado. She is very technical and low profile which are elements that I appreciate on a fighter.16. What other things do you enjoy in life? Does this help with wrestling?

Some do and some don’t 🙂 For example I enjoy working out (it does help a lot) and I love to party (It doesn’t help at all)

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