Wrestling Event Interview – Pussy Willow

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November 23, 2015
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December 8, 2015
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Wrestling Event Interview – Pussy Willow

In the run up to our next big Live Wrestling Event on the 19th of December, I’ve asked some of our prime female wrestlers to answer some questions about what they love about live wrestling and their favourite matches from our last event. Here is what Pussy Willow had to say:


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1. What’s your favourite move?

All forms of scissors because, I love to show off mighty thighs. Also the grapevine cos it makes em squeal. Also the school girl pin because I love to squash their faces and it leaves my hands free for… other stuff… can I not have a favourite move? Can all the wrestling be my favourite?

2. What was your favourite thing about the last submission room event?

Last events favourite thing… all of it! But especially introducing the Double Pussy Smash with KILLPUSSY.

3. Which was your best match at the last event and why?

Best match was with Kaminari, as I thought it would be an easy match for me due to the size difference, but she surprised me with her skill and strength so the match was a real challenge and left me with the best afterburn.

4. What are you looking forward to about the December Christmas event?
I’m looking forward to having the chance to hang with my favourite wrestling buddies. I can’t wait to see the new venue. But mostly I’m looking forward. to showing off how my wrestling skills have improved in the last 6 months

5. What do you want for Christmas?

I would like world peace, a new road unicycle, a fruit bowl, a blue accordion and one of those awesome lycra wrestling suits with my name on it. I like lycra, anything lycra is good!

The Submission Room’s next Live event #2 Saturday 19th December 2015 1pm. We will have six fantastic wrestlers taking part, so keep an eye out on twitter and on the website blog page for more information.

We wil be holding the event in a new venue New River Studios 199 Eade Road, London N4 1DN

– See more at: http://www.thesubmissionroom.co.uk/live-event-2-saturday-19th-december-2015-1pm/#sthash.WUmTpNhY.dpuf

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