The Submission Room Live Wrestling Event #18 March 7th 3pm 2020

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November 13, 2019
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April 28, 2020
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The Submission Room Live Wrestling Event #18 March 7th 3pm 2020

The Submission Room Live Wrestling Event #18 March 7th 3pm 2020

Hello everyone,

I do hope your year has got off to a good start. Mine certainly has and I am excited what 2020 will bring for The Submission Room.


To get things off to a fantastic start, our first event of the new decade will be held on March 7th 3pm 2020.

We have an exciting line up with a few new faces:

Dez Desire

Dez Desire is a very special guest coming to London all the way from las Vegas. Dez Desire trains every day at the gym for 4-5 hours. Her training is a mix of MMA – Boxing, BJJ, Muay Thai and wrestling.  Dez Desire specialises in semi competitive submission wrestling, boxing, scissors and pro wrestling. Dez Desire has been sponsored to visit us at The Submission Room by a fan, so don’t miss this rare opportunity to wrestle her or request a custom video.




Blonde Crusher

Another fresh face to a Submission Room event is the new and exciting wrestler to the scene, Blonde Crusher. As you can see Blonde Crusher has a strong passion for body building and loves working on her big muscles. She is very feminine, elegant, has alluring bright blue eyes, a smile to dream for and a soft, gentle voice, but don’t be mistaken, she has also a competitive edge! Come along and meet this blonde beauty.





Gabriela is The Submission Room’s newest recruit so it’s really exciting that she is now ready for her first ever live wrestling event. She has a background in belly punching, contortion, Brazilian boxing, dance and judo. She has come on strength to strength since she started, so please do come along to the event and try a mini match with Gabriela. Or even better why not book a full session with her before March 7th to help with her training for her debut live event.





Killpussy used to be a regular wrestler at the live events back at the London Wrestling Studio in Hackney Wick. She then went on to mainly refereeing the events. But it’s really exciting that she has decided to take part in this event. It will be awesome to see her back on the mats. As many of you know Killpussy is a true Amazonian and there’s no messing with her. And I have even felt her force many, many years ago on the mats at a LWS live event. I recall being unable to move or do anything really! I will be glad to be watching this time!




The lovely London doesn’t need much introduction. This will be her second Submission Room live event, although she has done many others, lots of videos and has a well established reputation on the scene. London, as well as being strong and skilled is a wonderful person with a cracking smile and personality to match. If you haven’t met London yet, then get yourself down on March 7th.





And of course Sativa needs no introduction. Sativa is a regular at The Submission Room events. Sativa wrestles with style and grace and is an absolute pleasure to watch. Sativa is one of the most skilled session wrestlers out there and is more and more popular as time goes on. There is no other to the wrestling goddess that is Sativa.




See here for event location details.

The event will start at 3pm sharp and there will be around 7 matches that will end around 6pm.

We will have up to 8pm in the space for mini matches if the demand is there. Mini matches are the perfect chance to try wrestling. They are £15 for 5 minutes or £25 for 10 minutes. So please bring shorts and a t-shirt.

Afterwards we will go out for dinner and/or drinks, so do join us.

The tickets are £50 in advance or £60 on the day. Please email me to book your place


See you there,

Pippa the Ripper

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