The Submission Room Christmas Spectacular Event with Alpha Catz: DECEMBER 9th

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The Submission Room Christmas Spectacular Event with Alpha Catz: DECEMBER 9th

This is going to be a very special event and possibly the best and most exciting one to date. We are being joined by 3 stunning wrestlers from Alpha Catz, based in Czech Republic.


This event will be bigger than any other of The Submission Room events. We will have a total of 9 wrestlers and 9 matches. And inter-club matches are always super exciting!

The event will start at the usual time of 1pm and will finish around 5pm. As usual there will be mini matches (£20 for 10 minutes, £10 for 5 minutes) and festive snacks!

And because it’s Christmas we will all go to the bar afterwards and relax, drink, hang out. The Submission Room Christmas Party!! And for those who came last Christmas, will know that this is not one to be missed.

Venue confirmed: New River Studios, 199 Eade Road, N4 1DN (near Manor House station) We are not in the studio space down the hill. We are in the other one we have used previously.  If you enter New River Studios Cafe/bar its the space in there to the left. I will meet everyone outside and show you the way in.


The Wrestlers




Sabrina from Alpha Catz

Hi guys, my name is Sabrina, and I love all things physical, being it a good gym workout or a tiring long run. Trying out wrestling for the first time, I find it a captivating battle of power, skills, and wits, kinda like a more demanding game of chess, so to speak:) Once I stepped on the mats, I took the plunge into it without hesitation.







Cobra CZ

Cobra from Alpha Catz


I am a little fireball, always super active and trying new things in life. Being given a chance to face the boys in their traditional arena, mat wrestling, I was ecstatic and could not sleep the day before my first tryout. Wrestling proved tough yet great deal of fun. Since I hate losing and I hate giving up, I think I found a new thing to conquer and get better at!







Scorpi from Alpha Catz

I’ve always been fascinated with ancient martial arts. I guess I’m what you’d call a tomboy, in a sense? Spending too much time browsing the malls or playing with dolls was never too high on my list of priorities – unlike being able to defend myself. Unlike striking, grappling is a fairly new experience to me, however I’m a fast learner and am not afraid to tangle with girls who may be better than me in order to improve.









Jade is an extremely popular session wrestler and because of that we keep getting her back at out live events. Jade is fun, feisty and highly addictive so if you haven’t already wrestled her, then book her asap. See the gorgeous Jade in our latest clip for sale where she takes on Andrew in 15 minute mixed wrestle. Come and have a drink with Jade on December 9th!







It was an exceptionally good day when Athena joined The Submission Room team. What a lady, what a wrestler! Since she’s joined we have shot many custom videos from mixed wrestling, bondage wrestling and beat downs.  And custom clips starring Athena just keep flooding in. And now she’s taking part in her first Submission Room event. Athena is mma trained as well as muay thai and Brazilian jiu jitsu. Check out this page to download her clips. My personal favourite is where she takes on the lovely Dave in this full force, competitive mixed wrestling match. Buy it here. 






Amethyst is quite simply AWESOME, in many ways! If you don’t already follow her on twitter, then do so here. Amethyst is always a pleasure to have at our live events and I can’t to watch her wrestle on December 9th. Her wrestling has been described as energetic, full-on, high-octane and intense. Who wouldn’t want to come and watch her live?!






Nixie is one of our newer wrestlers, but everyone was so impressed  in her debut wrestling event in September, that we had to have her back straight away! With an acrobatic, hula hooping background, Nixie is a delight to watch wrestling. Nixie may be new, but she’s going to be BIG. With her looks and skill, what’s not to adore.








Blaze has been wrestling for years and is still as popular as ever. Not many session wrestlers manage to be consistently busy for so many years, but Blaze is an exception. Blaze is well known for her incredible calves and it shows in the sales for this very popular video where Blaze alternates between submission wrestling (to remind Pete who is in charge), and forced foot and calf worship. At the end of the match, Pete is completely subdued and forced to admit that Blaze really does have the best calves he has ever seen. Buy the clip here. 






Cobra GB



This will be Cobra’s second live event at The Submission Room and I’m excited to see how much she’s improved since the event, which was almost exactly a year ago. Just like the snake Cobra is long, twisty and venomous. The other wrestlers need to watch out for Cobra’s lethal bite as well as her favourite move, the grapevine. Cobra’s tall, slender and strong snakelike body will wrap around her opponents. Her flexibility is due to many years of gymnastics training and when you add aikido and kickboxing to the mix, you get nothing less than a deadly combination.

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