My Top 4 Wrestling Blogs

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My Top 4 Wrestling Blogs

Whilst my life as a professional female wrestler and running a successful wrestling studio in London keeps me fairly busy, I still like to find time to read up on other Wrestling professionals and enthusiasts blogs. I love to learn about new Wrestlers to the scene and pick up ideas and tips for live events and videos too.

I’m lucky to meet so many dedicated fans of The Submission Room in real life at the studio and at our live events. I thought this week I would give something back to my Wrestling community by sharing my Top 4 Wrestling Blog Reads.

First up is Wrestler Mikes blog –

As a novice turned mixed Wrestler, Mike is a true fan of Female Wrestlers across the globe, who enjoys getting his arse kicked by talented tough women! The blog is dedicated to interviewing great Female Wrestlers.

Wrestler Mike has interviewed one of our Submission Room Session Wrestlers Amethyst Hammerfist in a fun and amusing article, if you want to read the full interview click here. Follow Wrestler Mike on Twitter Here –



Another favourite is FEMUSCLEBLOG –

What I love about FEMUSCLEBLOG is that it has some great articles about Female Wrestling. My favourite article is on Session Wrestling. It is a fantastic resource for those new to the Female Wrestling scene, it gives a full explanation of the Session Wrestling experience and includes some hot photos and great video footage on the subject.

To read the full blog click here.


Next up is Comments of a Wrestler

Comments of a Wrestler is a blog by a dedicated Wrestling  fan  who has followed the industry for damn near 8 years. The blog covers subjects such as companies, sites, sessions, videos and of course the characters involved. All from a normal guys perspective.

Wrestle Lover’s blog includes a great article about two of The Submission Room’s guest wrestlers Orsi B and Kimbra and oh did I mention The Submission Rooms get’s a great little review in the article too:

“So in short, excellently run, and very good facilities… i’d go so far as to say that, currently, it’s my favorite setup within London. I’m not saying others are bad, but the little things mean a lot and it’s just a well thought out area. Anyway, the wrestlers!”

To read more about Orsi B and Kimbra read on here.



And last but not least Fight Pulse –

Fight Pulse is a great Wrestling Website, with videos, galleries and a great blog. Their videos and galleries often feature some of our favourite guest wrestlers and the blog is packed full of insightful articles on Wrestling. One such blog I wanted to sign post you too, is their blog titled “What is Mixed Wrestling?” which gives you a great brief history of Mixed Wrestling and explains the origins of the genre and how the scene has developed to where it is today. If you want to read more about the History of Mixed Wrestling read on here.


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