Live Wrestling Event The Submission Room Show Down JUNE 6th 2015

Final Line up and matches announced for LIVE EVENT
April 29, 2015
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Live Wrestling Event The Submission Room Show Down JUNE 6th 2015

Hi everyone,

Pippa the Ripper here reporting some very exciting news…. This is what everyone has been waiting for…. Live Wrestling Event The Submission Room Show Down JUNE 6th 2015

We are holding our live event on Saturday June 6th 2015 12pm-3pm at The Resistance Gallery, 265 Poyser Street E2 9RF. The venue is ideal for wrestling events and already holds regular wrestling training and wrestling performance evenings.

Myself and the wonderful Xena will be there to greet you and show you in and we will be doing our best job of hosting the event.

Killpussy will be our fantastic referee, complete in sexy ref outfit. She will be keeping the score and ensuring that all wrestling rules are abided by on the mats.

Honey from London Wrestling Studio will be kindly joining the all star team and will be our head photographer for the event.

There will be snacks and refreshments available as well as some half time entertainment and demonstrations.


We aim to have a fun, friendly and entertaining event.

And now, for what I imagine most of you are waiting to hear…. THE WRESTLERS….

Firstly I have to say that The Submission Room really has an incredible array of female wrestlers who are also such lovely ladies. If it wasn’t for this brilliant team, I wouldn’t be able to run such a awesome event. So thank you to all the ladies at The Submission Room.

We currently have FOUR CONFIRMED WRESTLERS: Kaminari, Pussy Willow, Mystique and Karina Gotika.

There will be at least two more wrestlers (maybe even three or four more) who will join to make at least 7 female vs female wrestling matches. The more tickets I sell the more wrestlers I can invite, so please get in touch now to book your ticket.


Here is some information on the current wrestlers taking part in the June event:



Kaminari is one of the newer members of The Submission Room team. Despite only starting wrestling at the beginning of the year, she has proven to be one of the most popular choices for session wrestling at The Submission Room. It will be her first ever live event so let’s give her lots of support and encouragement. Live events are the best way for newer wrestlers to get more experience and meet everyone, so I’m really happy Kaminari can join us.

Pussy Willow

Pussy Willow is actually the most recent addition to The Submission Room team. But had already gained some wrestling experience, in particular scissoring, whilst she spent time travelling around the US. There is no denying this new wrestler is extremely strong. But how will she do against more experienced wrestlers? June 6th will tell….


Mystique has been wrestling since 2008. She is very skilled and strong, especially for her size. I have seen bigger girls step onto the mat against Mystique thinking they are in for an easy win, only to be thrown around by this feisty, slender wrestler. Only the best wrestlers will stand a chance against Mystique. I wonder how Mystique would do against two smaller, less strong wrestlers…. I feel a two on one match could be interesting.

Karina Gotika

I’m very happy to have this fantastic Russian beauty join our wrestling event. She is tall, thin and very strong. Karina is a red belt in aikido and is naturally very dominant. This talented and strong wrestler has wrestled and beaten some of the strongest ladies on the scene. But who will she take on this time, and who will win? You will have to come along to our event to find out.


To make this event more exciting and interesting, if you guess the correct score of selected matches, on the day of the event, you will win a prize! You might even be lucky enough to WIN A FREE WRESTLE.


In summary, we will have some new wrestlers, some experienced wrestlers, some really exciting matches, lots of entertainment and demonstrations, some chances for the audience to guess the scores and win prizes, mini mixed matches and maybe even the opportunity for you to choose who will take each other on in a wrestling match.

In fact there are so many fun ideas and plans for our events that I might need to have another event soon!

For a unique, fun event please book your ticket now. Tickets are £50 in advance (you can pay via paypal to or bank transfer or drop the cash at the studio if you have a session booked before June)

You can also turn up on the day. Any tickets bought on the day (i.e. after midnight on the 5th) are £60. It would be best to arrive at 12pm to make sure you don’t miss any of the action. But if you come at 1pm then there will still be lots to see.


Thanks and see you there,





Tickets are non refundable.


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