Live Event this Saturday 19th Decemeber 1pm

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December 11, 2015
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February 13, 2016
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Live Event this Saturday 19th Decemeber 1pm

Line Up Christmas Live Event

For those of you following me on twitter you will have seen many tweets about our up and coming Live Event  this Saturday 19th Dec 1pm.

The line up has now been finalised and we have got a festive treat for you all.

Amethyst   Amethyst

Amethyst joined The Submission Room around June 2015, so she’s been wrestling about 6 months. And she has certainly made a strong impact on the session wrestling scene already. She rapidly become a very skilled and popular wrestler and has really got stuck in to her career as a wrestler. For the tweeters amongst you, Amethyst is definately worth following on twitter.

Her wrestling has been described as intense and feisty so I imagine everyone is really looking forward to watching and supporting her in her first ever live wrestling event. Check out her interview in this blog post for more of an insight into Amethyst.


Anastaxia Anastaxia

We are very excited to welcome Anastaxia to The Submission Room’s second live event, as it will also be Anastaxia’s second ever live wrestling event. More info coming very shortly…



Desi is new to the wrestling scene, but has also taken to it like a fish in water. Her style has been described as fast, scrappy, and competitive. She is quite small at 5’3″ and 50kg but I have been warned by more than one person that she is going to be one to watch out for at this event. Her choke hold and legs are strong and she’s going to give her opponents a very good match. She has already taken part in several other live events.


Luna luna

Luna is no stranger to the wrestling scene and has gained many years of experience from the London Wrestling Studio, before joining The Submission Room. She has been training in martial arts for over eight years and her wrestling style has been described as strong, sexy and explosive. She has a varied background in muay thai, mma, wrestling and boxing. We are therefore very excited to see her battle it out at this event.


Laken Laken

Again, no stranger, Laken has been wrestling for about three years, and I think there are many people out there that cannot imagine the wrestling scene without her. Laken has a background in dance and is passionate about keeping fit and strong, ready to capture her opponents in her strong thighs. See what Laken said about the last event here.


Blaze Blaze

Another former London Wrestling Studio star, Blaze, is also a very exciting addition to this live event. Blaze is well known for her incredibly muscular calves and her graceful wrestling style. Her background and experience mean her matches will be a pleasure to watch. With agility, speed and skill on her side, her opponents had better watch their back.

Line Up Christmas Live Event

Line Up Christmas Live Event

Email me to book your ticket and join us for a festive drink and some incredible live wrestling


Pippa the Ripper

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