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Mysteria is a freak of nature. This beautiful specimen defies biological physics. My session with her was 24hrs ago now but my muscles still ache, my joints are sore and head is still trying to fathom what happened yesterday. It was an experience that has totally blown my mind. London is so lucky to have her. London is also lucky to have The Submission room as a venue. This wrestling room in North London is the perfect place to unwind and have fun.

Now I’m not a great wrestler, no BJJ experience or any other combat experience but am in decent shape and fairly athletic. Mysteria tore me apart. I still cannot understand how a beautiful lady of 56kg can do that. It’s most distressing.

Before the session we chatted about what I’d like and I kind of just wanted a semi-comp wrestling session but Mysteria seemed slightly disappointed with that and said with a glint in her eye ‘no torture then?’. Her Eastern European accent just adds to the allure.

She then got battle ready. When Mysteria first stepped onto the mats I could not believe how gorgeous she looked. She literally looks like a fitness model. Her physique is exceptional, beautifully toned and slender. She glosses her lips and has this beautiful pout. Her eyes are enchanting. I was truly thinking that this svelte, pleasant lady cannot be too much trouble. And then she put on some rock music and boy did things change.

I was not prepared for the onslaught that happened. Mysteria broke me. She wore me down until I was like a puppet that had had his strings cut. My arm and leg joints were strained to their limits. I tried everything to thwart her attacks but she just so much skill. I’ve wrestled other women but Mysteria’s technique, ability, expertise and competitiveness stand her alone. She is an amazing fighter.

The last few minutes of the session when you are sore, tired and defeated is when Mysteria likes to play. Kind of like a cat with an injured mouse.
Mysteria is like no other session wrestler I’ve faced. She is absolutely incredible. An amazing experience that I’m already saving for to experience again.