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I was nervous leading up to the session, you have a very fearsome social media presence. Being stuck in traffic and late didn’t help. However I was amazed at how quickly you put me at ease. You took charge straight away and I soon relaxed as I knew you were totally in control and all was good. The chat about limits and what I was looking for in a session, and my previous experience, went further to relax me.

Then we went upstairs. You started out slow, which was nice as I hadn’t wrestled for a long time. It wasn’t long however before I was being fully thrown around the room. Your energy and strength is seemingly relentless. It was amazing to wrestle you. It was even more amazing when you stepped it up a notch. I’d hoped for a good wrestle for a bit then more of a beat down and you delivered that spectacularly. Kicks, punish, slaps, digging in to my pressure points. The way you asserted your dominance and physical power over me was amazing. As I mentioned today I love the afterglow of a domination session. Whether that is me thinking back at the humiliating things I’d been forced to do or (as is the case here) me looking at the bruises and marks that I had suffered the night before. I’m aching from head to toe. My fingers, arms, ribs and legs have all taken a beating. Seeing your sadistic side and how you liked to hurt me was both exhilarating and terrifying. The adrenaline I felt after the session was something else. I could barely sleep last night. My body glowing from a session I’ll never forget.

Until the next time, and the next set of bruises, thank you so much for a session that far exceeded what I had hoped it would be.