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The Submission Room – London Mixed Session Wrestling Venue – Angelina Reviews

A dreamworld of an hour of fantasy wrestling, almost every fantasy fulfilled. A beautiful young woman with such beautiful suntanned legs. It was a treat to look at them and know that they would very soon be closing firmly around my face.

Her headscissors were clamped tightly round my face in a variety of delightful ways. Often I could only see her lovely bikini bottom and her even lovelier body – I wished I could have stayed trapped in her headscissors for hours.

She is only 48kg but don’t make the very bad mistake of thinking that you’re in for an easy time here. Her legs, wow, they were strong – super strong. I thought she’d have to try really hard to be able to headscissor me hard enough to make me tap out – unless she used a neck scissors. Silly me! I was tapping out lots of times – and the embarrassing thing was that she clearly could have squeezed a lot harder if she’d wanted.

As for her facesitting, if only I could have held my breath for (say) five minutes at a time I would have been in a wonderworld.

When she facesat me she really knew how to force her weight down on me. I’d thought that it would be lovely to have her facesitting me but no way would I need to submit as she weighed only 48kg – unless I couldn’t breathe. Very silly me!

Her schoolgirl pin sent me to dreamland, fulfilling every fantasy about schoolgirl pins, such lovely firm legs felt so smooth squeezing my face, her weight high on my chest, and me only able to look up at the lovely, smiling young woman.

I was certain that, although a schoolgirl pin was a delightfully thrilling pin to experience, there was no way that she’d ever get me to tap. She’d never be able to squeeze my face hard enough, while schoolgirl pinning me, to force a submission, I thought. Oh dear, very, very silly me!

She is very quick to put you at ease and very enjoyable to chat with. She wants to make sure it’s a fun occasion, and so it was a lovely hour. As for the arrangements, thankyou Pippa, it was all so easy.

I’ve not tried Angelica’s semi competitive wrestling but I reckon anyone who does so is taking on a very attractive girl who is way, way stronger than she looks. She can give a great hour of fun to anyone, from men who think they can try their strength against her, all the way down to fantasy sessions for the likes of me, who know they can’t!

A dream world for an hour. I don’t know why I’m telling anyone this. I certainly don’t want her to be so popular that I can’t get another booking.

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