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Amethyst Reviews


Amethyst Review 1

Just had a session with Amethyst and it ­was awesome. It must have been the most ­intense session I’ve had.

After seeing some of the comments on dig­ital media I was approaching things with­ a bit of trepidation. However, I was gr­eeted by a lovely smile and given the ch­oice of what attire she’d wear. That sai­d, that was pretty much the last time I ­got a choice since once the session star­ted it was immediately full on. I’m not ­sure if it’s because she’s relatively ne­w to the scene or just her style, but on­ce you have to tap you only get a reduct­ion in pressure or transition to a new h­old. So that was pretty much how things­ went for the rest of the hour. Her thig­hs are lethal and it just went on and on­. A couple of times I got some respite b­y begging for a water break but otherwis­e she just gives it 100% and it is relen­tless. She really puts everything into t­he session, clearly enjoys it and was li­terally steaming after 30 minutes. If yo­u want a methodical session with breaks ­after every tap you could beg but it’s p­robably not her style. She’s a gorgeous ­girl with a passion for wrestling. Book ­a session whilst there is still a slim c­hance you will survive.

Amethyst Review 2

As a Submission Room wrestler, Amethyst is very vocal in how much training she’s doing. With some pretty in depth catfighting experience in the past, the switch to submission wrestling is fairly new here but, as with everything she does, it’s something that she’s charged headlong into and now has base level training in a full selection of martial arts as well as the purer submission style.

Her intelligence and voracious thirst for knowledge and experience in wrestling and fighting means she is learning FAST but she isn’t a Venom or Athena, with years and years of martial arts training to fall back on… how that translates when you fight her I’ll deal with later, but I think it’s worth this background. Currently her skill level is basic but improving, but probably two weeks after I’ve fought her, at the rate she’s learning she’ll already be noticeably better. If you read this in 2016…. Who knows. Being passionate about everything, and specifically this, can move mountains. Or master the fuck out of a triangle choke in double quick time….

I’ve dealt with the Submission Room experience previously. I think it remains my favourite venue so far… Pippa remains every helpful, but the general setup of changing room and mat room just seems well thought out and comfortable. I’m not saying other places aren’t, I hasten to say, just that TSR seems to ‘fit’ really well. So, bravo and well recommended as ever!

Amethyst… well, when she meets you you’re struck about her smallish physical size compared to her presence. She’s petite but busty, and getting more muscular again by the day – and again when you first meet her she’s actually fairly quiet. Really nice, but quiet, almost like she’s sizing you up but also weighing and measuring you. Whatever, I felt immediately at ease which is the most important skill a session wrestler can have, in it’s own way.

She’s also one of the most aggressively forwards leaning when it comes to working out what a customer wants from the session. Now, I deliberately leave my requests vague – I find it means it’s more natural and my opponent and I slip into the most fun vibe. Amethyst did this, with no qualm, but she certainly asked more questions trying to force me into laying out what I want! I believe this to be her wish to make it the best session possible, rather than uncertainty, to her credit. I’m just an awkward customer…

She’s stunning, clearly, and knows it. Not only this, but an adult modelling background means she’s aware of how to move, stand and… well, pose, to show herself off to best effect.

To talk about the physical side of it – well, she’s strong for her size, out of proportion to it… her legs are vicious and she can leave you senseless if you get trapped in her headscissors… as I found out, twice. She’s constantly aggressive, constantly coming at you, locking herself too you breathing hard and sweaty and with teeth clenched and snarls and grunts of anger…. She doesn’t act, she lets her emotions run wild and the best thing you can do is let yours go in return. She’s small but can take a fall or a hold as well as most… tenacious and, to use her own favourite word, FEISTY.

Currently I’d put her in the mix as a top 3 in the UK fantasy wrestler, and a good semi comp wrestler, and a really fun comp wrestler for guys that aren’t too large. I think, due to her size and still learning phase she’d struggle with some of the huge guys out there… but that’s not to say that she wouldn’t go at you like a hellcat. She’s a naturally good grappler… with more training she’ll be lethal.

I’ll leave you with a story… a description because for all of the words I’ve left above I think it’ll sum up the session as well as anything, so if you’ll indulge me….

We’d been fighting for about 40 minutes… it had got dark outside, and with only one light in the mat room it was more of a golden glow, a halflight, softer than human lighting usually is. She’d worked her way on top of me, and locked thighs around my head and neck, as I was facing up her body, tanned and toned and glowing in the light. Music played, I don’t remember what exactly but it matched the fact the fight had slowed down to a vicious sense… only mine and her gasps filled the air and I stared up the length of her body as I felt her thighs clench around my neck again, squeezing tighter as we locked gazes, her eyes on mine, striking sparks, as her lip curled back and she sneered… four seconds later I was tapping out increasingly frantically and she just kept the hold on, eyes still on mine. It was so cool in the room, and we had been going so hard that our bodies were literally steaming, the mist curling up from bare skin and that’s when we locked gazes through as she scissored me unconscious, left hand grasping my hair to hold me into her legs right elbow propping her up to get a good look at me falling to her…

I think we both took something from that. That’s the feeling you get wrestling her, and I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone. Be clear what you want, and you’ll get it. Emotion. So often overlooked, but so SO important.

Amethyst Review 3

Before my session with Amethyst i had spoken to her quite a bit through twitter. Her aggressive feisty personality can scare some people away but done the opposite to me and drew me in. And after speaking to her you quickly realise she is a lovely sweet girl as well as having the feisty side.

When i got to the Submission Rooms Amethyst was all ready changed and looked stunning, which if you have seen her on social media isn’t a surprise. I was a little surprised at how petite she was though – i think her personality is so big I expected her to be bigger in stature even though I’d seen photos and videos of her.

We got warmed up and then it was ON! Amethyst does not hold back at all, she threw herself at me and then pretty much had a grip on me for the next hour, either bending, twisting, squashing or squeezing some part of me. In my sessions I go for a cross between fantasy and semi comp – I rarely try anything offensive but I like to make the girl work a little to get a hold on. Once she got hold of me it was very difficult to defend against her other then covering up into a ball! She is so strong – i don’t want to say strong for her size because she is strong for someone twice her size. I must be double her body weight, I could actually pick her up (and did) with ease but trying to pry her arms off you is tough and prying her legs off is virtually impossible.

If you have ever watched one of those nature shows were a lioness takes out a huge buffalo you probably have a good idea what our session looked like.

I had to go on the offense just to get a rest and managed to pin her once and got one submission with a RNC. She is so competitive that even though i had her completely caught she made me actually apply the pressure to tap her out.

My one submission came at a cost though because as soon as i let her go she literally leapt at me, rolled me over and got me in a RNC as well as a ridiculous body scissors. I tapped frantically but she kept the pressure on so the begging started. But determined to punish me for my one submission she just covered my mouth with her hands and screamed ‘SHUT THE FUCK UP’ and carried on squeezing. I didn’t know weather to laugh or cry, be amused or terrified! I think I was a mix of everything at that point. Was definitely a stand out moment in the session, as  sub i love it when a girl is in control and it this point she was 100% no doubt about it in charge.

Amethyst has some decent wrestling skills and will be more then a match for any untrained guys but for me her standout skill is her scissors. Her legs look great, toned and lean, nothing like say a FBB who you would expect to nearly take your head off – but then with Amethyst you quickly learn the sexy packaging is just camouflage for a bad ass girl who can kick your ass.  She has already perfected the technique to get maximum power and leverage.  Her body scissors (which i doubted she would be able to get on me) had me screaming and tapping. Her headscissors though……dear god! she nearly KO’d me on 3 separate occasions with her front headscissors, the last of which everything actually went black and my hand dropped just as she released me, 1 more second and it was nighty night. She squeezed me so hard she burst the blood vessels on my face!

I had a great time but was completely done by the end, out of breath sweating aching. If you want a physical session at 100mph Amethyst is your girl, i loved every second of it.

Amethyst Review 4

This was my first time wrestling Amethyst so going in I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect.

What I received was a brilliantly intense session where we spent the hour hurtling around the mats at breakneck speed.

For the first few minutes I thought I might be able to match Amethyst.  Needless to say I was very much mistaken as soon her greater skill, stamina & sheer class started to tell and she opened up an impressive lead by subjecting me to a series of punishing holds.

One of the best bits about wrestling Amethyst is how much she obviously loves having a really good scrap on the mats.  As soon as she’s squeezed one painful submission out of you she’s bounded back to her feet ready for the next round of the fight.  Wrestling someone with that much enthusiasm is an absolute joy.

She doesn’t just have enthusiasm.  Amethyst definitely knows how to wrestle (my aching body after the session can vouch for that).

If you want a fast & frantic competitive session you have to book Amethyst.  You’ll love every minute of it.  I did & I’ll definitely be back for a rematch very soon.

Amethyst Review 5

I had a wrestling session with Amethyst last year and it was one of the most highly charged and emotion fuelled matches I had ever had, I did not write a review as I felt it would only be repeating all her other rave reviews which talk about how intense her sessions are. The second session I had was a boxing session. I had read a bit online about how she also offered boxing sessions and trained in boxing before she started wrestling, I heard very good things so I booked her to experience her boxing. I didn’t think she’d be able to cause too much harm and so didn’t wear headgear, after three minutes I had to stop because her right hook was the hardest and fastest right hook I had received from any of the wrestlers, including several American wrestlers. I put on my headgear but her pelts still unbalanced me and she achieved one knockout where I was out for a few seconds, I came round to her kneeling down over me smiling and she was shaking me to get up. I know most of the wrestlers don’t train in boxing but it was clear Amethyst was a natural, her punches have such force and when she gets into it she literally goes crazy, her combos were lethal and I fell to the floor several times, those combos unbalanced me every time and she kept going until I was crouched in a ball on the floor.

I honestly don’t know which session I preferred, both the boxing session and wrestling session were the most energetic, intense and fun sessions I have ever had, when she gets going she turns into some kind of animal, pure rage, pure aggression, pure emotion but pure fun.

The first thing I noticed about Amethyst, prior to meeting her, was that she was so interested in me and my interests, we talked online deeply about what I like and dislike. She is a great writer and knows how to express herself as I am sure many of you have read her marvellous wrestling blog. She spends time on her clients making sure that their sessions with her are exactly what they want. I have talked to other men who have had sessions with her and it is clear she makes this effort with everyone, this already sets her aside from most wrestlers. Upon meeting Amethyst, she also seems friendlier and even better looking than in her photos, her physique too looks stronger and she is also getting stronger each month. I have had two sessions with her and last month I could not believe the difference in her strength and muscles, all that training had certainly paid off and she continues to train hard. This woman puts a lot into her wrestling and boxing and she is improving by the day, I think her devotion is admirable and her passion which fuels it all is also something that should never be overlooked, it is quite something and so is she.

Amethyst Review 6

Not sure what I can say that can ever do Amethyst Hammerfist justice, but it is safe to say that whilst i have had sessions with a number of women before, Amethyst is the most incredible by a long long way. In fact just writing this i am getting excited about our next session!! Not only is Amethyst extremely (and disarmingly pretty), she has an incredibly sexy and perfectly formed body which she continues to make more perfect (!) and clearly works hard to achieve this. This for me underlines her passion and commitment into everything she seems to do! She is at the same time aggressive and violent whilst being sexy and erotic and i have to say our sessions together have been the most erotic thing i have ever experienced. However, above all, Amethyst makes you feel totally relaxed and is extremely fun to be with. In fact, I would love to keep Amethyst all to myself but that would just not be fair on humankind so i thought that i had to share my experiences with this amazing woman!

Amethyst Review 7

This woman has single handedly changed the face of the face of the session wrestling scene. I would even go so far as to describe her as the beating heart of the scene.

She absolutely “gets” the fetish/kink like no one else has. From the moment you meet her you can tell that she is massively into this.

Amethyst can incorporate virtually anything into a session. She seems to instinctively know what people want and then delivers it.

Her look is amazing. A shock of wild blue hair, something that i would not normally go for. On her it works perfectly. An athletic,fit, strong, hot body with an almost childlike face. Her boobs, butt, arms and back are all very toned. Its her legs that are probably her strongest point, as i found out when she was scissoring me.

Have a look at her facial expressions if you get a chance. They are a joy to behold.

During the session she makes a constant noise. Its somewhere between a laugh, a giggle and a primal scream.

Amethyst has been in with the very best session wrestlers and win or lose she puts on a show. Very watchable and charismatic. Unlike some of the other session wrestlers, she is not always looking to get arm bars. She has a vast arsenal of weapons that she uses in a very imaginative way.

At live events if Amethyst is scheduled to appear it will certainly put bums on seats, unlike her who puts bums on faces.

At the end of the session you will be sweating, exhausted and euphoric, whilst planning the next one.

The bar has been raised. Should you be thinking about a session book the uk no 1-

Hammerfist/Amethyst. I guarantee you will not be disappointed.


Amethyst Review 8

This was my first ever wrestling session. I had admired Amethyst from afar via Twitter and the web and really liked what I saw. I must admit that she was even prettier and sexier in person. And with the cutest giggle as she is a friendly and bubbly person. I am a pain puppy, a full on masochist and told her in my emails and she said “oh I love pain puppies.”

We get acquainted and I find that she’s one of the nicest people I’ve met. She explains the rules and I’ve encouraged her to punch me and kick me slap me grab my balls as much as she likes. She just smiles. Little do I know what I’m in for.

We get on the mat and before I know it she’s on me and I have to do everything in my power to keep from being choked. She’s amazingly strong and fierce. I’ve never felt my head squeezed so tight by her arms and this thighs. Those thighs are like a vice grip. I was turned on and wanted to be between her sexy string thighs, but if I wasn’t careful death (not really) could follow. In time I grew to fear those thighs coming around my head or neck.  Every move she made was a move of getting me into submission.  She told me before she liked it if I put up resistance.

Every now and then I might get into an advantageous position but a grab of my balls would bring me back.

Face sitting and breast smothering we’re now something feared. But what a way to go if one must – beneath Amethyst’s lovely and so sexy ass.

After 45 minutes I was spent. I could barely raise my head as my neck muscles in trying to survive we’re just worn out. We finished with some good ball kicking face slapping, spitting, knees to chest hard. I could see that she truly loved what she was doing. The giggles, the laughs. All at my expense. So nice to find.

We finished sitting side by side talking about the session, chatting like new friends. And I really do feel like I just made a new friend.

It was an amazing session. I’m in an enormous amount of pain today, a day after, but it just serves as a lovely reminder of a truly fun evening with an amazing woman. I look forward to doing it again.


Amethyst Review 9

Amethyst shines with a very intense style and a fierce competitive spirit, even if the session was also playful. Her scissors were powerful and impressive, and i especially liked that she put gradual pressure. It led to some blurry and strangely pleasant moments before submission. The more sensual holds were effective highlights even if not the most enjoyable ones : a grapevine/breast smother combo forced an immediate tap, as i was quickly overwhelmed and out of breath. A intense face sitting gave a comparable feeling.

I probably could have been more aggressive as it wouldn’t have changed the dynamic of the session, but i often feel awkward in my body language and i especially wanted to be safe and at ease. On this aspect, Amethyst was constantly attentive to my needs and emotions

The most important thing for me during the session was the impression that Amethyst loves what she does and shows it at every moment. She makes it clear she also wrestles for herself, for her own enjoyment and her bright, nearly childish gaze is always full of life and wonder.

Obviously i wasn’t in a position to really test her athletic abilities, but her dedication, strength and energy allows her to adapt to most session styles.


Amethyst Review 10

So I had a session with Amethyst Hammerfist today – first of a series of 3 back to back, at the submission room.

I was a bit nervous ahead of this one – the awesome reputation of her matches being generally “fast & furious & sweaty”was somewhat daunting as most of the sessions I do are slower paced fantasy matches.

Amethyst put me at ease instantly though, we had a little chat, and she asked the kind of things I like – I explained about my preferences for facesitting/scissors/feet smothering/verbal taunting, and then we got started.

WOW is all I can say. It WAS intense (well, intense for me, but I’d imagine not as intense for Amethyst as some of her other sessions) but in a good way. She just came flying at me, and before you know it, I was trapped in scissor after scissor after scissor (a variety of all different types). I honestly can say here that I did my best to stop it, break out of the holds etc…wasn’t happening though! She put me through the ringer, all the time laughing at my pathetic attempts to escape, teasing me to try harder, and tickling me to death (think she found my girly screams a source of great amusement.)

She also smothered me half to death – facesitting and breast smothers galore – from which there was no escape (why would you though?!).

I got knocked out, twice, in her scissors holds – in the same position both times – Amethyst lying on her back, with me lying on my front, head pulled into her crotch with her strong thighs clasped around my neck, with both of us able to see into each others eyes. I just failed to tap in time, both times, and went from feeling the extreme pressure of the squeezing, into a state of wooziness and then black out. This only took a few seconds to happen, and I was only KO’d for a few seconds each time (Amethyst woke me up with several well placed slaps to the face before continuing straight on with the session, showing no mercy).

We took a couple of very short breaks to take on water (thank god) but both of us spent the entire session sweating like mad (personally I found that rather a turn on).

Obviously, the outcome was that I lost, badly! She is also not a clock watcher – far from it, we went quite a few minutes over the time limit! Session flew by.

Too Long Didn’t Read? Just book a session with this girl – she is gorgeous, intelligent, enthusiastic, strong and highly skilled!’

Amethyst Review 11

I unfortunately arrived to my 2pm session twenty minutes late due to congestion, and after a quick jog to the venue I was let in by Amethyst. I briefly wondered where she was before realising she was squeezed in behind the door to give me room to enter. Amethyst has a petite but well toned body and a very cute smile and wild blue hair; just what I wanted. We did not have an opportunity to talk before the session either so we had a quick chat about what I liked and my general experience with mixed wrestling. I explained that this was my first time and that I had disappointing experiences with doms in the past, their cold and distant nature didn’t really do much for me. The moment we made contact on the mats I knew I was going to be in for a ride. Amethyst is passionate, tenacious and genuinely enjoys her job. The doms I have had sessions with were obviously watching the clock and just going through the motions, but me and Amethyst were smiling and joking as we tossed and turned, well that was when I wasn’t being expertly choked out every 20 seconds.

She gave me exactly what I wanted, asking a couple times through the session if I wanted her to go lighter. Hell no, Amethyst was doing a great job. She smothered me with her bum, boobs and hands. Choked me with her legs and arms and gave me slaps and punches sporadically across my body. In the past I’ve had problems maintaining eye contact with people and it’s a behaviour I’ve had to learn, but during the session I was the most comfortable I’d been with an almost complete stranger, and staring up at her when I was caught between her legs was very seductive and mesmerising. At the end of the session I was exhausted and asked for a hand up. That was my last mistake. I had only just propped myself up on my elbows when Amethyst laughed at me from up high, kicked me several times, pushed me back down with her left foot and then sat on my face until I knew my place under her. After that I made sure to help myself back up!

I thoroughly recommend anybody to Amethyst who wants a highly energetic, fun and intimate session. I will be seeing her again in the near future for sure!

Amethyst Review 12

John Lennon once said that before Elvis, there was nothing. I say, before Amethyst there was nothing.
I know that is slightly insulting to the fantastic wrestling scene in the UK that has developed over the last few years, however Amethyst has raised the bar and taken it to an all together different level. In a previous review I wrote a couple of years ago, I said that Amethyst had single handedly transformed the mixed wrestling scene. That still stands true today.

It seems pointless to go through a blow by blow of a session with her, so I will just summarise what makes her so good. During the match she emits a cacophony of sound- grunts, groans, screams, cries and giggles in equal measure. Whilst some well-known wrestlers are content to wait patiently, with an impassive look on there face as they seek an opportunity to apply an arm bar, Amethyst is all attack, throwing caution to the wind. Even when defending from a seemingly impossible position she does everything in her power to escape, rather than signal her surrender. She is as fit as a fiddle and wrestles on relentlessly, paying no attention to the time. She is lost in the moment and appears to enjoy every moment of the battle. Of the many positive attributes that Amethyst portrays. I would say, that the top three would be- 1. Attitude. 2. Passion.3.Energy. Anyone who has never experienced The Hammerfist is missing a trick. I guarantee that you will have a great time, you will be exhausted, you will probably be beaten, you will leave euphoric and you will be looking to return as soon as possible.