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Mystique Reviews


Mystique Review 1

Session with Mystique
By The Demented Hyena

My first-ever wrestling session at The Submission Room was a hugely enjoyable one.

I’d wrestled before with Mystique in two 5-minute mini-sessions, but never in a full session.  Such a session was long overdue, and it was well worth the wait.

Mystique is a very experienced wrestler, and an extremely skilled one.  I knew that this young lady would have no problems at all making me repeatedly submit and so it proved.

As I’m quite a big chap, she went quite hard on me, and didn’t let me go between submissions; I was just shifted into the next position and very soon I was tapping again.  I do like sessions with this kind of constant action, even though it does mean I tire out very quickly.

Due to personal circumstances, I’d had a rare break of four months since my last session.  I’d decided, during that time, that I’d try to be slightly less submissive in sessions.  Ironic then, that this was one of my biggest-ever defeats… I submitted countless times.

I did try to resist tapping a few times, but it wasn’t long before I found myself getting a little short of breath.  I think it was something like 20/25 minutes before Mystique let me go for the first time to have a quick breather.  During this time, she’d been constantly wrestling me into total submission.

I submitted to numerous holds – scissors, headlocks, arm bars, grapevines, breast smothers, ass smothers, grapevines, etc.  Mystique also tried to pin me a few times; earlier on I was able to lift a shoulder before the count reached 10, but later I was too exhausted to resist the pin.

For the final 10 or so minutes, Mystique tied me up.  She said she hadn’t tied that many guys up, but it didn’t stop her putting me into a very effective hogtie.  She had noticed earlier in the session that I was ticklish, and once tied up, I asked if she could tickle me, even though I knew it would leave me shrieking with laughter like a Demented Hyena.

I like to have my sessions filmed – most of my sessions are pretty memorable, but gradually my recall of them does start to fade and having it filmed is a way of never forgetting the session.  And it’s also a chance for me to see a bit more of the action, as I was somewhat trapped for most of it!

Pippa did a good job of capturing the action, which concluded with Mystique doing a couple of victory poses, with a foot placed on my back, while I was still tied up.

A word about the venue.  It’s somewhat hidden away, and you’d never guess from the exterior, what is within.  But I really liked it when I got inside – it’s a clean, tidy venue.  In particular, I like the mat room itself.  It’s a completely enclosed room, with mats covered the whole floor and also the walls, and the room is just taller than my head.  It gave a slight feeling of claustrophobia, of there being nowhere to escape to, and I enjoyed that.

It was my first session at The Submission Room, but it certainly won’t be my last.  And I’d also highly recommend booking Mystique – a sexy lady with fantastic wrestling skills, and a warm, friendly personality.  She’s highly capable of taking on guys much bigger than herself, and wiping the floor with them – that’s what she did to me!

Mystique Review 2

I booked my first ever wrestling session with Pippa via email who was very helpful throughout. We organised for a session with Mystique for which I was very excited albeit a little anxious. Upon my arrival Mystique greeted me and made me instantly feel at ease.

We quickly got into action and it became very clear that Mystique was an extremely skilled wrestler. I was very quickly wrapped up in a variety of holds that inevitably led to me tapping out quite a few times. As the session drew to a close and finding myself about 8-0 down I tried to push to get my first pin/ submission but Mystique was ruthless and finished the session by having me pinned and celebrating her dominant victory.

Thoroughly enjoyed my first session and will be back to try and get that first win

Mystique Review 3

Mystique is fantastic. She is beautiful, warm and sweet, with a nice personality. But there is something still more remarkable: she is a wonderful wrestler, very determined and full of stamina. Probably the most competitive girl in her size and weight. She is unique!  I had a great time wrestling her.

Mystique Review 4

I had a great session again with mystique, pound for pound probably the best wrestler in London, now Kassidy is in semi retirement. This lady is full on and will totally whoop your ass. Mystique is gorgeous and strong and highly recommended. Just don’t ask her to take it easy or expect her to let you have a chance, because she will not! If you are lucky enough to make her tap, it won’t happen again because she does not like to lose, so she doesn’t. Once again a super lady, super fast, super competitive. Go and see her now.

Mystique Review 5

There is only one word to describe Mystique.  Awesome.  I now firmly believe she must have acquired super powers after being bitten by a radioactive animal of some description. It’s the only way to explain her stunning strength and speed.

She completely outclassed me throughout our session by being stronger, faster and a vastly superior wrestler.  For an hour she kept me constantly trapped as she effortlessly moved from one devastating hold to the next one.

Throughout the session she chatted, mocked and taunted me about how easy this was for her.  Several times she asked me where my strength was, the answer being compared to her it was non-existent.

Obviously feeling the need for a real challenge she set herself a target of obtaining 22 pins and submissions in the final five minutes of our session; she then proceeded to decimate me at an incredibly high tempo.  For the record she forced 23 submissions out of me.

I’ve previously said wrestling Mystique is like trying to wrestle a tornado, I’m beginning to suspect the tornado might be the easier opponent.

This session was an absolute massacre and I loved every minute of it.

Mystique Review 6

My first ever session wrestling match was with Mystique and since then I’ve been lucky enough to meet her again in August. To sum up Mystique in three words I would use stunning, powerful and competitive. For this review I’m going to be talking about my second session with Mystique.

Before I go on to talk about the session I need to mention just how helpful Pippa is, she has been very patient with all my questions and has been very helpful throughout when organising sessions.

When I got to the submission room I was greeted by Pussy Willow who had just finished a session, the first thing you notice about the ladies is just how good they are at making conversation and it can even make you forget just how easily they can kick your ass. After about 5 minutes Mystique arrived and I went upstairs to get changed in the mat room. The mat room is very tidy with more than sufficient space to wrestle and even has a music player in the corner in case you want to listen to music when wrestling. After a minute Mystique entered the mat room wearing a bikini, she looked absolutely incredible and could easily have been mistaken for a model.

Before we began wrestling I decided to make a £5 bet that I could pin Mystique, she agreed to it and we got down to wrestling. The first thing that hits you when wrestling Mystique is just how strong she is for her size, meaning she had absolute no problem applying a headlock to me and transitioning it to a facesit eventually forcing me to tap to a joint lock. This is basically how the rest of the session went with Mystique constantly dominating me with a wide array of moves. When the session was drawing to a close I really went for it managing to escape many of Mystiques attempts to pin me, I can’t help but feel that Mystique was letting me escape to give me false hope that I might actually manage to win our £5 bet, but in the end Mystique manage to finish me with an incredible joint lock.

Overall Mystique is an incredible wrestler with an amazing personality and I would highly recommend her if you are new to the session wrestling scene or want a challenge. I will defiantly be booking Mystique again in the future.

Mystique Review 7

My choice to wrestle Mystique was made because she wrestles competitively,  and because she has a tremendous combination of good experience in wrestling, big biceps, good reviews and even better looks. I have wrestled regularly for about 7 years and in those days I had become pretty good at it and I beat all the light weights and most of the heavy weights too as long as they were not internationally recognized. But I had not wrestled for about 8 years, so there’s not much left of the stamina I had and my skills and speed had become rusty. My doubt was in the fact Mystique weighs 62 kilos whereas I weigh 80 kg. Would she be able to give me the evenly matched competition I was looking for?

I met her outside. She is even more beautiful than her picture shows and, as tell the reviews, she’s very nice company who makes you feel at ease at once. She took me to the wrestling room that was somewhat smaller than I had imagined but it is perfectly fit for the job.

As soon as we came to grips I felt Mystique is really strong. Nevertheless I was a bit stronger, though less than I feared on beforehand. After having switched positions a few times I got her on her back with her arm between my legs. I told her: “you know it’s over, don’t you?” and she conceded the first fall. The second fall was not much different. We had a very very serious struggle. She got me on my back and started preparing for a facesit (of which I told her I love that, but never let it happen). With a huge explosion of power I could topple her of and I got on top of her. My weight and strength made her submit the second fall, some 10 minutes after we started.

In the short break she realized she was in trouble if she let me come on top of her. On the other hand I myself was realizing that these 2 falls had taken an awful lot of energy of me and I was worrying if I had enough energy to prevent Mystique from conquering me. I had to slow down in order to recover. The result of our both renewed startegies was that I found myself on my back after the third takedown. I was not doing too much in order to regain strength and she was super eager to keep me underneath her. So I was looking at her big and beautiful breasts longtime. Every now and then I gathered strength to try to get her off of me and to get on top of her, but she was too eager to keep me down and I did no longer have enough power to topple her off. This took some 20 minutes then I got myself free. But I had not recovered: the few attempts to free myself had taken too much energy.

When we resumed wrestling I found myself again looking up to her big beautiful boobs, hanging over my head or being pressed into my face for breastsmother. After some 10 minutes, when I tried to free myself she managed to get behind my back and then she choked me. I tapped. She was really happy ‘cause she had reconciled herself with the thought that it would be good enough if the score would not get worse. I realized that Mystique at that moment was not even thinking of winning the match while I already realized that I would probably eventually lose the match.
We had a long break to drink water. I realized I had been on my back for half an hour with Mystique’s beautiful  body  dominating me. I might still be in the lead by 2-1 but it is not very honorable to win a match in which you’ve been dominated by an opponent who effectively was stronger during 80% of the time. Mystique might not be strong enough to submit me, she definitely was dominating the match. So I decided to fight all or nothing: I would give my all to make Mystique submit one more fall to secure victory and break her resistance rather than gaining victory while being dominated by the loser of whom I had to admit she was stronger than me.

Right from the restart it was an all out war. We both knew it was more than ever essential to be on top. As soon as one us seemed to get on the back extra power was given or moves were made immediately to get on top. This was by far the most intensely fought fall . After a ferocious struggle I managed to get her underneath of me in a headlock, the same way I submitted her the first time. But things had changed. It was no longer me who had the stronger muscles, Mystique was fitter and her muscles were stronger. I could not capitalize on the advantage I had gained at the cost of so much effort. Her arms forced mine to let her go and only a few seconds later the arm that had her in a headlock was bent by Mystique in such a way I had to tap wildly my submission.

I knew it was over and out. Still it was a draw at 2-2 but I was completely wasted and Mystique was still fit as hell. So after another break the onslaught began.  I had to tap twice within a few minutes and then she started really dominating me by not letting me go after a submission but merely changing submission holds until I tapped again and again. The one that was worried if his opponent could give him an evenly matched competition was no longer able to give his opponent any competition at all.

I’ve wrestled some 50-60 wrestlers. About 20 of them were internationally famous, like Kasie Kavanaugh, Diana Ball, Collette Guimond and others. Mystique gave me one of the very best sessions I ever had. She’s beautiful, very strong, a good wrestler and very very pleasant company. I highly recommend her.