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Miss Kay O Reviews


Miss Kay O Review 1

I have visited Submission Room before and was lucky to have the opportunity to session with Miss Kay O. The fact that she is skilled in Muay  Thai was a real attraction and she does not disappoint.

I am not much of a reviewer but Miss Kay O was everything I was hoping for, sassy, full of energy and spirit, I had a great session and she really wanted to ensure that I had fun.

Miss Kay O Review 2

I recently asked Pippa to arrange a surprise session for me. Walking up the stairs to the mat room, I had no idea who might be waiting for me. When I walked in I saw Miss Kay O standing there looking gorgeous, boxing gloves at the ready and I thought to myself this could be a very good hour coming up – and I wasn’t disappointed! Pippa had remembered my recently discovered liking for one sided boxing, so she chose Miss Kay O for my first proper taste of it.

I wanted to begin the session with some boxing, so we had a quick chat about where and how hard she could hit me. We then “touched gloves”so to speak and then she was off! 5 minutes of almost non stop action. It was like she was at a one sided sparring session with me as the human punchbag. I was pathetically trying to defend myself but she picked me off at will, landing single and combination shots to my head and body. It was pretty unrelenting. And she didn’t miss either – pretty much every punch found its target.

She had a look of focus, concentration and intent in her eyes as she was going at me, but occasionally a lovely smile would appear on her face. She seemed to be really enjoying giving me a good beating while respecting my limits at all times. And she wasn’t just going through the motions either. She told me afterwards that she was only punching at about 50 percent of her power but she was still working up a sweat. It was fantastic and I was loving every minute of it!

A couple of times I found myself nearly on the ‘canvas’ so she stepped back, waited patiently, gloves up at the ready waiting for the signal from me to continue. Then in she came again and the beating continued. Eventually after 5 or 6 minutes I said “enough… for now”. She smiled and took the gloves off.

We then had a stint of wrestling. She’s keen to learn new wrestling holds and techniques and I really enjoyed our time on the mats – scissors, arm bars, grapevines, boston crab, camel clutch and more went down very well.

After a short break I asked for a “beat down”. On went the gloves again and she proceeded to give me another beating, this time with light to medium kicks and knees to my legs and body as well. Her Muay Thai training came to the fore this time too. After about 5 or 6 minutes of this we had another quick break. Then more wrestling and I asked for the session to end with another stint of boxing. So she donned the gloves one last time and gave me another couple of minutes of a masterclass of one sided boxing, picking me off at will until Pippa called time on the session. I was nearly on the “canvas” by then!

I was a bit battered and bruised at the end but it was worth it and I loved every minute of it and the session as a whole. I only wished it could have gone on longer (next time maybe).

Although I really enjoy standard fantasy/domination wrestling sessions, the addition of one sided boxing to a session makes it an even better experience for me and I’d definitely recommend it to anyone who hasn’t tried it. Especially someone as skilled at it as Miss Kay O undoubtedly is. It felt great at the time and watching it back showed me just how good she was. Plus the fact she is lovely and very friendly too. Can’t wait to see her again and maybe pair her up with another skilled boxer and get “tag teamed” – now that is a mouthwatering prospect!

Finally, a word for Pippa. She’s lovely. She arranges everything and does everything she can to ensure you get the most out of your session every time.

Thanks Pippa – I will be back!!

Miss Kay O Review 3

I met Miss Kay O for a one hour session last Friday afternoon. I had requested wrestling with punching and kicking including ballbusting.

First of all, I would like to say that Miss Kay O is one of the most beautiful women that I have sessioned with and her pictures do not do her justice, she has a great body as well. We started with wrestling, and even though I am bigger and stronger than her, she had no problems submitting me with a variety of holds and has very good technique, her arm bars and triangle chokes are particularly painful. We then moved on to boxing, and she can hit very hard, and her cross punches are very strong. I then stood up against the wall we she delivered some powerful kicks and knees to the body, and the balls. We finished with some foot worship, and her feet are gorgeous.

Miss Kay O is very pleasant and polite, easy to talk to and get on with, she did everything that I wanted in the session and I would highly recommend her. Love the submission room, thanks Miss Kay O for a great session.