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Recently I had the privilege of wrestling Leftfield, which I can strongly recommend.

She was wearing exactly the dress I had wished, and she was also informed about the proposed “setting”.
So she challenged me to an armwrestling match – in which she beat me; on her strong side, I had no chance at all.
Then by pushing me on my back, she started the wrestling action… Once she had pinned me, there was usually no escape. I never thought that it’s so difficult to escape a school girl pin applied by a slightly smaller and lighter girl who knows her business. Her most devasting pin was the cross-body pin which made me tap. Even almost immediate submission she gained with a rear naked choke hold. Towards the end of the hour, again being in a sg pin on top of me, she smiled and surprised me by tickling until I gave again.

At the end of the session, I was exhausted, but happy. It was possibly my hardest workout ever – sore muscles reminded me for several days…
Leftfield’s wrestling skills are very impressive. So is her sheer strength. She combines determination and a perfect, athletic body with a pleasant personality. Not holding back, she was careful though, asking me a few times if it was not too rough for me. Between the falls we had some relaxed small talk.