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Jade Reviews

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For those of you that haven’t had the wonderful privilege of wrestling the beautiful and feisty Jade, I can tell you now, you will not regret booking a session with her.

She was wearing a sexy bikini set, which she looked stunning in. We started the session standing which lasted for about a second as I was quickly crashing to the mats below, completely overpowered and pinned by her slender, nimble body. Unfortunately for me she decided she wanted to be mean Jade, I was trapped in her grapevine, completely defeated by her, gasping as she enjoyed my screams of pain. When she had decided I had had enough of her grapevine, she quickly transitioned into a reverse scissor position, and demanded I raise my head, I obeyed without second thought, her silky, strong, toned thighs squeezed my neck, easily forcing me to tap for mercy. I’m fairly certain at one point in the session I was knocked out from her reverse scissor; I remember opening my eyes feeling dazed, with nothing but her peachy bum to look at.

I didn’t put up much of a fight vs Jade. I once made the mistake of showing my back to Jade, and she quickly pounced upon me unguarded back like a lioness and put me into one of her favourite holds the rear naked choke, another hold I could not break free from.

Jade enjoyed trash talking as she sat on my face, playing with my breath as she had me pinned beneath her, I was in no position to argue, she had already shown me how useless and powerless I was to her. She locked her baby soft hands with my own while she cut off my air supplies with her ass, in that moment I completely submitted, I enjoyed it so much I forgot to tap for air.

I will definitely be back for a second helping of this elegantly energetic wrestler.