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Ivy Reviews


Ivy Review 1

I recently travelled to London for sessions in the Submission Room. As usual Pippa was great and organised it all for me early as I’m from overseas.

One of my sessions was with the wonderful Ivy. It was my first time to meet her and I wasn’t disappointed!

When we met she was so friendly and made me feel so at ease straight away as do all the girls.

I went up to mat room and got changed and waited for Ivy. I requested a certain type outfit and when she appeared I was blown away. She is super fit in a nice way, perfection! Her thighs are magnificent as is all her body!!

I explained type of session I liked and within minutes she and I were wrestling in just the style I like. She is extremely strong but seemed to know my limits and made it a wonderful experience.

Thanks Ivy for a super session and from now on a visit to the Submission Room will definitely include a session with Ivy! D

Ivy Review 2

Ivy is just brilliant. OK its my opinion but you really should have a session with her if you haven’t already.

I’ve now had more sessions with her than any other wrestler and she has never failed to deliver an awesome time.

Firstly I always forget how strong she is, then also how she doesn’t seem to tire (probably something to do with her day job).

I’m not sure if being Brazilian helps but she has all the bjj skills and a wicked line in trash talk in an exotic accent.

At the start of the session it is all go with the usual holds of scissors, arm bars, figure 4, omoplata (a particularly sneaky move), guillotine, SGP etc. These usually wear me out after 30 minutes or so.

Then comes some of the more dominating holds that she pulls out when you are exhausted; lotus, reverse scissor, reverse pin, all the while smiling and asking what you are going to do next.

If you are up to it there are hardcore rules where tapping only gets a transition to another painful hold where you get the crap squeezed out of you.

Then all too soon the session is over.

Ivy is a lovely lady, completely professional, and great to talk to.

She would be great for the session virgin through to die hard grumpy old men.

She has the curves, the strength, the skill and that something extra that makes for a fantastic time.