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Mysteria Review 1

I arrived at The Submission Room in late January, a few minutes earlier than expected. As Mysteria had not yet arrived, Pippa gave me a tour of her new studio. The mat room is kitted out with brand new judo mats and there are extra crash mats on the walls for safety. The room is big enough for wrestling but small enough to warm up quickly – a real bonus as it was sub-zero outside on the day. Well done Pippa, you have a great place.  Now to my session.  I changed and then waited in the mat room for Mysteria. All I could think when she walked in was “wow!”. My usual style is to go for long pins until one or other gives in, rather than counting to 5 or 10, and Mysteria was happy to accommodate my request.  I remember getting a few pins on Mysteria to begin with, but by the end of the session it was evenly matched and Mysteria certainly got a few really good pins on me. She is deceptively strong and once I was pinned, I found it impossible to get free. Her natural athletic physique has given her a good start in wrestling and with a few more sessions behind her I think it’s going to be very difficult to get any points at all. All I can say is book soon before she gets too good!!  Thank you Mysteria for a fun afternoon and I look forward to our next session.

Mysteria Review 2

On the mats, we began from the kneeling position. Physical attributes aside, the first thing that you notice about Mysteria is her aggression. She has a – slightly, ahem, distracting – habit of holding eye contact for a few seconds before starting, after which she is all over you. How one woman can attack from three directions at once I don’t know, but I found myself seemingly outnumbered by her limbs. Mysteria also makes use of her height – she’s not much shorter than me in her wrestling socks, and I’m around six feet – and several times she had me in a combined scissor arm-bar, from which the only exit was to tap, which I had to do with my foot since she had taken over management of my arms, hands and upper body. She said a few times that she likes to fight, and heck did she prove that, over and over. The second thing you notice is her innate flexibility, presumably a result of her martial arts training. On several of the occasions that I actually managed to pin her, I found one or both of her legs wrapped round my neck, from a position and at an angle that they had absolutely no business being able to achieve. Thirdly, there is her determination. She does not give up; she will deploy everything in her means to get away when you pin her, and once she has got you in a hold she is comfortable with (she seemed to invent a few of these on the spot), you aren’t going anywhere.

Mysteria is just starting out, and she admits that she has a plenty to learn. I did manage to unbalance her a few times, and even extracted a few pins and taps from her, but this, I am certain, was as much to do with my good luck as with any lack of experience or skills on her part. She is sweetly self-deprecating about it, often without justification. Once she had me in a body scissors, and said that it didn’t seem to be having any effect. Quite right I agreed, I can’t feel a thing I said, as my rib-cage rearranged itself into a map of the notoriously convoluted intersections of the Exeter one way system.

So: do I recommend Mysteria? I cannot do so enough. I can say two things about her for certain. With a few months of experience and the benefit of Pippa’s expertise (and, by the way, I have experienced the sharp end of those first-hand), this girl will be indestructible to all but the toughest and most skilled opponents.


Kaminari Reviews



Kaminari Review 1

My first session of 2015 was against the submission room’s newest star Kaminari. I figured I’d start my year off with an easy match against a newbie to ‘ease’ myself into the year, and I was pleasantly surprised by her skills on the mats in what was her first match against a ‘proper’ customer.

Kaminari looked great in the one piece swimsuit featured in her profile pics. She has a curvy but strong physique with naturally strong arms and legs, perfect for wrestling and for keeping men under control.

In total we wrestled for roughly 30 minutes semi-comp. During that time her natural strength (and great training by Pippa) showed as she was able to trap me in various precarious positions throughout the session. Every time I managed to wrestle out of a control position she was already on top of me going for the next move. I found myself very close to tapping on more than one occasion to sleeper attempts, scissors as well as various pins, the cross body pin being a particular favourite of hers which I found really hard to get out of. My closest call was a very painful front scissor which only my persistence (and sweaty bald head) got me out of. She was laughing throughout and it was clear that she enjoyed herself while I was struggling for survival beneath her. As with all new wrestlers, the only thing missing was finishing off the moves and getting the tap from the numerous great positions she got me in, a skill that will come as she gets more sessions under her belt. I have no doubt that a lesser man than I would have tapped out multiple times against her.

What impressed me the most was that she was so keen to learn and I found the rest of the session extremely enjoyable as I got to show her some of my favourite (real and fantasy) moves including triangles, short arm scissors, Boston crabs, guillotines, lotus locks, camel clutches as well as various ways to immobilize a guy in fantasy sessions. She was even happy to practice her facesitting technique with me which was a particular highlight of the session, lol. Her natural strength and ability to keep control made it particularly hard (and fun) to struggle out of multiple smother attempts from her derriere.

Overall – Kaminari was incredibly open-minded, keen to learn and great fun and of a very good standard considering her newbie status. No doubt she’ll become a big star when she becomes established, so get in quick and book her soon before she becomes too hot to handle!