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Xena Reviews



Xena Review 1

I met the wonderful Xena for 2 fantastic wrestling sessions in April. I hadn’t met her before so as always I was a bit nervous. I shouldn’t have been as she made me feel at ease straight away. First thing I noticed how down to earth and friendly she is. We then got down to the wrestling. She looked awesome,so fit and extremely attractive!! I like a particular type of grappling and after I explained she knew exactly what I wanted and all added up to a wonderful 90min of fun. Tough going as she is very strong and a fantastic wrestler. I had second session with Xena that weekend and it was even more awesome than first. The excitement I felt on way to that session was unreal as I knew what a fab time I was in for!! Overall my time spent in Xenas company was very special and well worth the time. Thanks again and I will return soon for more sessions!!

Studio is great. Very comfortable and cosy. Tea coffee and showers available and Pippa was very accommodating organising everything for me!

Xena Review 2

I met Xena outside the studio, I was quite nervous, but she was very easy going and made me feel at ease right away.

We talked on the mats for a bit about the session. Xena was very open minded and has experience with lots of different desires. My desire to be dominated she explained was quite common.

When we started wrestling I was totally out matched and control by Xena, she pinned me in many different ways all of which were very hard to escape, and on the rare time I did get free I ended up in a crushing scissor. By the end of the session I was totally spent and Xena used this opportunity to try out more powerful head and body scissors that drained any strength I had left, I was finished off with some face sitting.

Xena was smiling throughout the session and making fun of my misfortune, she seemed to enjoy the whole session just as much as I did.

It was a great experience and I definitely got my money’s worth.


Xena Review 3

My session could not have gone any better, it was perfect. Xena is the complete package, Looks, ability and most importantly, personality. Being somewhat of a rookie ant this game, I asked for a fantasy/ domination session with plenty of head scissors, face sitting and foot worship. She ticked all the boxes and well and truly exceeded all of my expectations. She is even more attractive in person and those legs have to be seen to be believed! As for her ability, she easily moped the floor with me. Pin and submission after submission. I’d hate to think what would happen if I asked for a competitive session, I’m positive it would not end well for me.

It was here personality that impressed me the most. Having only a couple of sessions under my belt, I was a little nervous. I know it’s a cliche, but her warm smile and friendly demeanour instantly made me feel at ease. She is outgoing and easy to talk to.

Once I’m finished with my travels in Europe, and return to London, I will definitely be in touch to arrange another session.


Luna Reviews



I arrived and was greeted with a smile by Luna, who is very impressive in person. She manages to come across as both beautiful and graceful as well as strong and imposing at the same time. We had a brief chat before getting down to wrestling, which was semi-competitive for the first half of the session. Immediately I realised that I was completely outmatched for strength, as she was able to strong-arm me when attempting to lock up. After some grip fighting I managed to get a dominant position twice early on, resulting in two submissions for me, but this success was short lived. As the session wore on I began to tire and my strength left me, with Luna then taking full advantage and gaining 4 consecutive submissions, to a mixture of chokes and arm locks. By the end of the half hour she was merely toying with me and joked that my strength had left me. I spent the last ten minutes or so of the session pinned beneath her, with her full weight on my lungs making it harder for me to catch my breath, completely exhausting me. For the second half of the session as a result of my loss I was forced to submit and kiss her feet, admit that she was better and was subjected to a variety of tortures. Overall I would highly recommend this talented, strong and beautiful lady.


Pussy Willow Reviews



Pussy Willow Review 1

Pussy Willow is just brilliant. Really great fun all round. My session was semi-competitive, but she easily has the strength to do competitive with most guys (though she said she’d want to develop her skills more first). Her technique is more Hulk than Black Widow it’s true, but I prefer that to the ninja-types who choke you out every five seconds. Much more fun just to be smashed.

Pussy Willow Review 2

Pussy Willow is probably the best addition to the wrestling scene in recent years.

She is tall, strong, dominant and a damn fine wrestler. She looks sensational in a tiny bikini and fills it rather well. Pussy Willow is chatty and has a nice line in trash talk. She already has a small arsenal of holds and appears happy to use them in a most imaginative way, especially her speciality – a reverse face sit twerk. She has a lovely smile and enjoys what she is doing. Highly recommended.



Kaminari Reviews



Kaminari Review 1

My first session of 2015 was against the submission room’s newest star Kaminari. I figured I’d start my year off with an easy match against a newbie to ‘ease’ myself into the year, and I was pleasantly surprised by her skills on the mats in what was her first match against a ‘proper’ customer.

Kaminari looked great in the one piece swimsuit featured in her profile pics. She has a curvy but strong physique with naturally strong arms and legs, perfect for wrestling and for keeping men under control.

In total we wrestled for roughly 30 minutes semi-comp. During that time her natural strength (and great training by Pippa) showed as she was able to trap me in various precarious positions throughout the session. Every time I managed to wrestle out of a control position she was already on top of me going for the next move. I found myself very close to tapping on more than one occasion to sleeper attempts, scissors as well as various pins, the cross body pin being a particular favourite of hers which I found really hard to get out of. My closest call was a very painful front scissor which only my persistence (and sweaty bald head) got me out of. She was laughing throughout and it was clear that she enjoyed herself while I was struggling for survival beneath her.

What impressed me the most was that she was so keen to learn and I found the rest of the session extremely enjoyable as I got to show her some of my favourite (real and fantasy) moves including triangles, short arm scissors, Boston crabs, guillotines, lotus locks, camel clutches as well as various ways to immobilize a guy in fantasy sessions. She was even happy to practice her facesitting technique with me which was a particular highlight of the session, lol. Her natural strength and ability to keep control made it particularly hard (and fun) to struggle out of multiple smother attempts from her derriere.

Overall – Kaminari was incredibly open-minded, keen to learn and great fun and of a very good standard considering her newbie status. No doubt she’ll become a big star when she becomes established, so get in quick and book her soon before she becomes too hot to handle!

Kaminari Review 2

I was fortunate enough to have wrestled Kaminari today at The Submission Room.

Stunningly gorgeous is an understatement!

She’s great fun and it was a great hour of wrestling. I’ll definitely be booking her again,


Kaminari Review 3

So, why kaminari. She looks typically japanese and I love the japanese. There history of unarmed combat, there sense of fun while being a little cruel , coupled with the fact they’re damn sexy are fine attributes to what what could make an outstanding female session wrestler.

On the day kaminari greeted me after the first knock. She invited me upstairs to change while she changed downstairs.

I told her I was ready and she entered the mat room wearing a crushed strawberry coloured velvet mini skirt , black two piece bikini and black knee length socks with a silver weave.
her hair was bunched in a ponytail and she looked breathtakingly stunning. She pleasantly enquired of my previous experience and asked if I was which I replied yes.

She immediately engaged and stepped closer while pushing me backwards and tripping me up. I landed on the floor on my back. By the time I got my bearing she was already upon me in a school girl pin mount. She quickly shimmied up my stomach to be sitting high up my chest and neck. This reminded me of a video I saw when a female wrestler was sat so high up that her crutch was right in her opponents face, thighs either side of his cheeks and she had his arms stretched out high above his head and on the floor .
I thought about how humiliating it must feel for that guy. The girl seemed to be enjoying it too.
kaminari now looked down at me smiling and I realised I was in the exact same position as the hapless guy in the video.
yes , it was now my turn to be” that guy”

I tried to fight out of it. I bridged but it was ineffective with her sitting so high up.
I tried to move my arms but couldn’t with her weight bearing down on them and when I moved side to side she compensated just enough with gentle shift of her bodyweight.
Kaminari was pleased with the control she had over me. But eventually I made a breakthrough and with all the speed and might I could muster I turned as quickly as I could and caught her off guard.

I managed to scramble onto my knees and hands just for her to wrap one arm around my throat and hook her legs into mine. a foward thrust of her pelvis put me facedown onto the mat. Her grip was quite loose around my neck but when I tried to remove her arm she tightened her grip causing me to tap and concede defeat.
I got back up out of breath from the struggling.  she asked if I was ok and offered me water.
I told her I was ok and couldn’t believe how strong she was. we shared a joke and she enquired if there was any particular moves I liked.
The dominant opening statement she had made gave kaminari the ascendancy and she never let up. She used a good variety of moves to keep me nailed to the mat including boston crab, camel clutch and reverse headscissors to mention a few.
I tried not to let kaminari have it all her own way though and attempted a full Nelson on her but she went up a gear and fought out of it enough to turn into me .I scooted backwards from her and quickly got to my knees , but she was quicker and took my neck in an under arm guillotine choke. I moved towards her to ease the pressure but she stood up and stepped back. Then leaned back while tightening the grip further.
I had to tap.
I fell onto my back exhausted while she was hardly out of breath giggling slightly as I exclaimed she was too quick for me.

Later in the bout I got caught in another high school girl pin.  by that time I was a spent force and just gazed up admiringly at kaminari whose eyes was wide , locked on mine with a broad smile , mouth slightly agape with a hint of tongue visible.

This teasing look coupled up with her expert high school girl pin kind of gave me the feeling that of a wild horse that had been broken in and tamed and had no spirit left to break.
anyway the alarm sounded signifying the end of the session. she said lets go for one more point. the session ended with me being suffocated by a reverse face sit which was a wonderful end to the session.

Before I left I took a photo of her striking a wonderful victory pose. with her foot firmly pressing down on my chest she stood above me arms aloft with her face flushed and grinning fresh from her decisive win. what a wonderful beautiful symbolic gesture of female dominance this was.

In summary Kaminari is a little taller than a lot of japanese girls.  therefore a little heavier and more substantial making her difficult to shift once she gets control. She is very good looking with a great body.

I was very surprised to learn that she had only been wrestling for two months. in view of her knowledge and skill level.

Kaminari gives a unique experience on these shores and I will highly recommend her. I will be booking her again very shortly.


Kaminari Review 4

had a great first session with Kaminari.

I was extremely nervous as this was my first experience in mixed wrestling, however She was very polite and I quickly felt at ease with her.

I picked Kaminari because she has very alluring eyes and stunning figure and I must admit her pictures do not do her justice, the full extent to her beauty cannot be captured by a camera.

She started the session with a grapevine hold that completely immobilized me. She then went on to perform various scissor holds, I ended up tapping quite easily as she has very powerful thighs, her reverse head-scissor was her strongest by far, she seemed to really enjoy that one, I felt the pain from that one for hours after our session.

This was an experience I could get addicted to and will definitely be booking Kaminari in the future.


Blaze Reviews


Blaze Review 1

I had the pleasure of meeting the charming and delightful Blaze for a semi-competitive wrestling session this evening.  She instantly put me at ease with her friendly and down to earth attitude before the session.  If anything she put too much at ease and as we started I was just thinking how fantastic she looked in her black bikini, long dark hair flowing down to her shoulders when suddenly she moves like lightening and puts me in a body scissors – her muscular dancers legs wrapped around my torso – smiling sweetly as she proceeded to squeeze the crap out of me – forcing me to tap.

I promised myself I wouldn’t be taken in for the next fall – but Blaze was all over me again soon after, wrapping her arms around my neck – her legs around my body and again squeezing, forcing me to tap as I felt the bulge of her bicep around my neck.  The next fall she won with an expertly delivered arm bar and the next with a head scissors.  Blaze moves with a fluid grace that’s hard to describe, you have to see it to believe it.  One second you think you have her – the next, she’s somehow got you in a hold – she’s probably the most flexible woman I’ve ever wrestled….but what I loved most about Blaze was how clearly she loves doing what she does – she’s intense when she needs to be and very happy when she’s got you in a hold! – She’s also very strong and very quick, there are only a few women  capable of making me tap with a body scissor and Blaze is one of them.  I can’t wait for my next session with her – book her while you can!


Scorpion Reviews



Scorpion Review 1

Scorpion is a blast.  The photos of her legs don’t give you an idea of the strength, and her BJJ training is evident in the skill and accuracy of her moves. She does an amazing job of combining fantasy wrestling (scissors, smothers) with true BJJ submission fighting. I knew for the first bit of the session, she was ‘going easy’ on me, and as we got to know each others’ capabilities, I encouraged her to play a little harder.  OMG – she was unreal. I was tapping like crazy without any ability to stop the onslaught of this amazing fighter.  She had a dizzying array of outfits and looks simply stunning in either a catsuit (her favorite) or a latex bikini (my favorite). She is really professional about arranging the session. In a word – amazing.


Killpussy Reviews



Killpussy Review 1

I was lucky enough to spend a week in London last February and refused to miss the chance to roll around with a lady wrestler. I googled up a few sites and names and decided I was going to test Killpussy’s skills at the Submission Room. I got in touch with an email and quickly had my appointment ready.

Killpussy and I met outside the Submission Room, she was punctual and elegantly dressed. Courteously, she offered some tea and we discussed my desires as regards the session. Killpussy looks imposingly strong, tall and solid, but with a tender touch that enhances her beauty. One can tell she loves wrestling and catering to one’s wishes.

She donned an enticing red bikini, while I was to wrestle in just my underwear (session took place between business meetings, no time to bring more convenient clothes). I had chosen semi-competitive style, and was in for a pleasant surprise. I consider myself a strong guy, have bodybuilded amateurishly but seriously for about twenty years and can lift heavy. Well, Killpussy showed she is the kind of wrestler for those who want a tall amazon to lock horns with, even if in friendly manner. For the first twenty minutes we grappled back and forth in a comfortably padded room, and whereas my strength fended off her unrelenting efforts to pin me, she was adamant in her intention to crush my defences (after a few minutes it was pretty clear it was she who was out to win), which she did after she wore me down and put me in a reverse headlock that had me tap out once I saw surrender was the best way to freedom.

We took a bit of a rest and shared a nice chat. Killpussy is a good conversationalist and fun to talk to. After a few minutes we resumed combat, to my continuous defeat: Killpussy is as strong as any guy, and although I may be stronger than the average man, she is far more skilled as wrestling is concerned and an expert at managing energy, so while I was approaching exhaustion, she had not broken a sweat. I congratulated and thanked her for a great session, had a quick shower and said goodbye with a satisfied smile.

Overall: a splendid session.
The lady: Killpussy, tall, strong, skilled, kind, great sense of humour.
The place: The Submission Room, nice padded place where you can wrestle around at leisure.
Return?: Definitely, as I will be back in London next June.



Mystique Reviews


Mystique Review 1

Session with Mystique
By The Demented Hyena

My first-ever wrestling session at The Submission Room was a hugely enjoyable one.

I’d wrestled before with Mystique in two 5-minute mini-sessions, but never in a full session.  Such a session was long overdue, and it was well worth the wait.

Mystique is a very experienced wrestler, and an extremely skilled one.  I knew that this young lady would have no problems at all making me repeatedly submit and so it proved.

As I’m quite a big chap, she went quite hard on me, and didn’t let me go between submissions; I was just shifted into the next position and very soon I was tapping again.  I do like sessions with this kind of constant action, even though it does mean I tire out very quickly.

Due to personal circumstances, I’d had a rare break of four months since my last session.  I’d decided, during that time, that I’d try to be slightly less submissive in sessions.  Ironic then, that this was one of my biggest-ever defeats… I submitted countless times.

I did try to resist tapping a few times, but it wasn’t long before I found myself getting a little short of breath.  I think it was something like 20/25 minutes before Mystique let me go for the first time to have a quick breather.  During this time, she’d been constantly wrestling me into total submission.

I submitted to numerous holds – scissors, headlocks, arm bars, grapevines, breast smothers, ass smothers, grapevines, etc.  Mystique also tried to pin me a few times; earlier on I was able to lift a shoulder before the count reached 10, but later I was too exhausted to resist the pin.

For the final 10 or so minutes, Mystique tied me up.  She said she hadn’t tied that many guys up, but it didn’t stop her putting me into a very effective hogtie.  She had noticed earlier in the session that I was ticklish, and once tied up, I asked if she could tickle me, even though I knew it would leave me shrieking with laughter like a Demented Hyena.

I like to have my sessions filmed – most of my sessions are pretty memorable, but gradually my recall of them does start to fade and having it filmed is a way of never forgetting the session.  And it’s also a chance for me to see a bit more of the action, as I was somewhat trapped for most of it!

Pippa did a good job of capturing the action, which concluded with Mystique doing a couple of victory poses, with a foot placed on my back, while I was still tied up.

A word about the venue.  It’s somewhat hidden away, and you’d never guess from the exterior, what is within.  But I really liked it when I got inside – it’s a clean, tidy venue.  In particular, I like the mat room itself.  It’s a completely enclosed room, with mats covered the whole floor and also the walls, and the room is just taller than my head.  It gave a slight feeling of claustrophobia, of there being nowhere to escape to, and I enjoyed that.

It was my first session at The Submission Room, but it certainly won’t be my last.  And I’d also highly recommend booking Mystique – a sexy lady with fantastic wrestling skills, and a warm, friendly personality.  She’s highly capable of taking on guys much bigger than herself, and wiping the floor with them – that’s what she did to me!


Mystique Review 2

I booked my first ever wrestling session with Pippa via email who was very helpful throughout. We organised for a session with Mystique for which I was very excited albeit a little anxious. Upon my arrival Mystique greeted me and made me instantly feel at ease.

We quickly got into action and it became very clear that Mystique was an extremely skilled wrestler. I was very quickly wrapped up in a variety of holds that inevitably led to me tapping out quite a few times. As the session drew to a close and finding myself about 8-0 down I tried to push to get my first pin/ submission but Mystique was ruthless and finished the session by having me pinned and celebrating her dominant victory.

Thoroughly enjoyed my first session and will be back to try and get that first win


Mystique Review 3

Mystique is fantastic. She is beautiful, warm and sweet, with a nice personality. But there is something still more remarkable: she is a wonderful wrestler, very determined and full of stamina. Probably the most competitive girl in her size and weight. She is unique!  I had a great time wrestling her.


Mystique Review 4

I had a great session again with mystique, pound for pound probably the best wrestler in London, now Kassidy is in semi retirement. This lady is full on and will totally whoop your ass. Mystique is gorgeous and strong and highly recommended. Just don’t ask her to take it easy or expect her to let you have a chance, because she will not! If you are lucky enough to make her tap, it won’t happen again because she does not like to lose, so she doesn’t. Once again a super lady, super fast, super competitive. Go and see her now.


Laken Reviews

Laken Review 1

I arrived to be greeted with a smile by the lovely Laken, who is absolutely stunningly beautiful in person as well as being quite lovely to talk to. After a brief chat I got changed and went to the mat room to begin our session, which was going to be half an hour of competitive wrestling, and if I lost would conclude with half an hour of being Laken’s plaything.

The first thing that struck me upon beginning our wrestling session is that Laken is extremely strong, deceptively so in fact! Secondly, she defends very well and I found it very difficult to get position on her and to get into any situation where I could get a submission. Over the course of a hard fought half hour I tapped out to her superior strength and technique 5 times while only achieving one submission for myself, with Laken getting submissions via armbar, guillotine chokes and an excellently executed neck crank.

As the half way mark in the session came, I had to concede that she was much much better than me and as a consequence of my loss she would get to use me as crash test dummy for her favourite holds. As well as being made to worship her feet I was put in several of her favourite scissor and smother holds and squeezed to within an inch of my life. As she had not managed to get me in one of her scissors during our competitive match, I was obliged to feel the full power of her headscissors. I couldn’t have imagined that she would be SO strong, and I can vouch that If one gets one’s head caught between her lethal legs its time to tap or go out!

Overall Laken is a very impressive, beautiful lady with a shining personality who can also really kick ass! I would definitely recommend a session with her.


Amrita Reviews


Amrita Review 1

I had seen many videos of Amrita on various web-sights over the years so I was very pleased to see her on the submission room wrestlers list, so I took the opportunity to book her for a session.
I was definitely not disappointed, at the start of the session she confirmed what holds I was in to, after explaining to her I quickly found myself in her headlock soon to be pinned on the mats. From there on I was completely helpless.

You could tell from the start Amrita has a lot of experience with wrestling, her holds were perfect she could make you submit whenever she wanted with her strong powerful thighs and creative wrestling holds. She took great pleasure in my crys of pain as I was trapped in her holds, here I am today still suffering the aches from her beating the day before. It truly was a treat to wrestle someone of Amrita’s class.


Miss Kay O Reviews


Miss Kay O Review 1

I have visited Submission Room before and was lucky to have the opportunity to session with Miss Kay O. The fact that she is skilled in Muay  Thai was a real attraction and she does not disappoint.

I am not much of a reviewer but Miss Kay O was everything I was hoping for, sassy, full of energy and spirit, I had a great session and she really wanted to ensure that I had fun.